The Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for Support of the Armed Forces, headed by Ihor Hryshko, Director of the Institute of MMI, was founded by the Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on October 14, 2022. A year has passed. It's time to summarize the results of the foundation's annual work. Ihor Hryshko spoke about them at a meeting of the Academic Council on October 2.

In total, more than UAH 2.5 million has been transferred to the Foundation since its inception. However, as the speaker emphasized, since the report on the activities of the Board is published quarterly, it is worth focusing primarily on the statistics of the Fund's functioning for the period from July 1 to October 1, 2023. Thus, the balance of funds as of July 1, 2023 amounted to UAH 281 thousand 550.78. As of October 1, 2023, 684 thousand 404 UAH 86 kopecks were received (of which more than 500 thousand UAH are income from benefactors' salaries, as well as donations and funds from charitable events - 184 thousand 228 UAH). Expenses amounted to almost UAH 800 thousand. No paradox: the funds left over from the previous reporting period were used.

What is behind the dry statistics? Ihor Hryshko said that the Foundation's employees, who work on a voluntary basis, have received 48 appeals from our defenders - university colleagues and students who are defending our country. To fulfill them, we purchased: two generators - UAH 52,996; two quadcopters - UAH 236,097.60; one charging station - UAH 41,299; a thermal imaging scope - UAH 85,000; a collimator sight - UAH 22,000; three satellite modems - UAH 74,337; a thermal imager - UAH 50,800. Also, military equipment: masts, tops, covers, multi-tools, backpacks, charger, duplex filter, cables, connectors, wire, etc. for a total of UAH 96,477. The purchase of four camouflage nets cost UAH 29,400; and two chainsaws cost UAH 19,025. The purchase of a thermal imaging monocular cost UAH 82,000. Postal services amounted to UAH 8,953.07. Banking services amounted to UAH 242. As of October 1 this year, the balance amounted to over UAH 167 thousand.

"Each specific request from the soldiers needs to be satisfied as soon as possible," the Foundation's employees believe. The most costly purchases are quadcopters, kamikaze drones, thermal imagers and monoculars. Each hryvnia transferred to the Foundation allows us to accumulate funds and purchase devices or equipment that are so necessary at the front. A donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the best investment in a peaceful future. In conclusion, Ihor Hryshko thanked everyone who contributed to the Foundation's financial support for their trust and donations: "Only together we can save many lives!"

Prepared by Viktor Zadvornov

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