Meeting with Prospective Student at IEE

On May 24 Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was visited by 30 high school graduates from the urban-type settlement of Brusyliv (Zhytomyr oblast). Certainly not on their own - the boys and girls were accompanied by their teachers and representatives of local governments of Brusyliv. They were hospitably greeted by lecturers and employees of IEE. The event was held in compliance with all the requirements dictated by the legal regime of martial law in Ukraine.

Excursions to the institute laboratories were conducted for the guests of IEE. At the Department of Power Supply, they saw over the electrical apparatus laboratory, laboratory of energy supply technologies, power supply systems laboratory, laboratory of installation and operation of electrical equipment, electricity consumers laboratory, as well as the Training Center for Energy Management; at the Department of Automation of Electrical and Mechatronic Complexes - laboratory of conversion technology, and a laboratory of automation of technological processes. In addition, school leavers and their mentors got acquainted with the expositions of the State Polytechnic Museum at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Prospective university students got lots of interesting information about the glorious long history of the university, learned about the scientific achievements of its employees and students, the organization of the educational process and the features and benefits of studying at IEE, and more. Experienced lecturers acquainted high school students with the achievements of their departments, material and technical base and funds of the university library, which fully provides future students with the necessary literature. Moreover, the high school students and their companions were shown the latest technologies of the educational and practical process.

The main thing of the event was a meeting of tomorrow's enrollees and their teachers with the senior staff of the IEE selection committee, during which the conditions and rules of this year's admission campaign were considered and discussed. The meeting was held in the format of questions and answers.

Sergiy Denisyuk, Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management, opened the meeting with a welcoming speech. The guests were also addressed by the Head of the Department of Automation of Electrical and Mechatronic Complexes Sergii Boichenko, the Head of the Department of Power Supply Denys Derevianko, and Vitaliy Pobihaylo who is responsible for career guidance. The heads of the departments of EP and AEMC presented to the guests the opportunities that get the students of specialties 141 (Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics), 184 (Geoengineering). Prospective students also learned about the organization of the educational process in IEE, the achievements of its scientists, modern technical capabilities and innovative teaching methods that allow students to gain good knowledge in the chosen field, as well as opportunities and prospects for participation in international educational and scientific programs and projects. Of course, the teachers of the institute did not ignore the issues of IEE graduate placement and employment, living conditions of students in dormitory №16 and opportunities for recreation during the holidays.

Comprehensive information on training programs "Systems for providing consumers with electricity", "Energy management and energy efficient technologies", "Engineering of intelligent electrotechnical and mechatronic complexes", "Geoengineering" was provided to potential entrants by Liubov Yevteyeva, Executive Secretary of the IEE Selection Committee, and Glib Demchuk, Responsible for Career Guidance.

After the event, there was an extended discussion of further cooperation on career guidance with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute prospective students. Sergiy Denisyuk, Glib Demchuk, Vitaliy Pobihaylo, and Liubov Yevteyeva took part in it on behalf of IEE. Chief Specialist of the Department of Education and Sports of Brusyliv village council Pavlo Zorya, director of Geogii Gotovchyts Brusyliv lyceum Oleksandr Nikitchyn, as well as Deputy Chairman of the Brusyliv Village Council Valery Romanyuk were on behalf of the delegation of Brusyliv.

Sergii Denysiuk, Director of IEE
Vitaliy Pobihaylo, Scientific Secretary of the IEE Academic Council