Happy Ukrainian Statehood Day!

Dear Kyiv polytechnicians! On July 28, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Ukrainian Statehood for the first time. A day when it is worth remembering once again our roots, our national identity; who we are, and what we fight for every day.

This day is symbolic for Ukraine, the day of the Baptism of Rus’. It was an event that determined Ukraine's own direction of development for many centuries to come — the movement from barbarism to civilization. This process continues to this day. We must know and remember our history, because we can clearly see what ignorance and careless attitude to historical memory leads to.

The Ukrainian people are indomitable in their unity against the enemy, in their eternal desire for change and justice, in their honest work.

Therefore, let's remember who we are and keep on working for our common victory!
Happy holiday, dear Kyiv polytechnicians!

Glory to Ukraine!

Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Michael Zgurovsky