Anniversary of the Faculty of Radio Engineering

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the first graduation of radio engineers of the Faculty of Radio Engineering of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The faculty was established on the basis of the radio laboratory of the electrical engineering faculty of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute founded by V.V. Ogievskyi in 1921. In 1930, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was separated and reorganized into the Kyiv Energy Institute, which established the Faculty of Radio Engineering and the Department of Radio Engineering. The faculty and the department were headed by prof. V. V. Ogievskyi. And already in 1931 the regular graduation of radio engineers began.


In 90 years, the faculty has prepared a constellation of plant directors, managers of various levels. We have something to be proud of! The title of laureates of the State Prizes of the USSR and Ukraine was awarded to more than 100 scientists. More than 300 candidate and 50 doctoral dissertations have been defended at the faculty. Scientific schools of the radio engineering faculty under the guidance of professors F. F. Dubrovka, M. I. Prokofiev and senior teacher M. Yu. Omelianenko recognized worldwide, as evidenced by numerous orders from different countries. Recently, research in the field of space technology of the laboratory of space radio systems under the leadership of Associate Professor R.V. Antypenko grows steadily. 

What are the achievements of the faculty for the last year? Let's start with the main thing - with students. They are the driving force that keeps the teaching staff in shape and encourages new achievements. Quarantine restrictions due to the pandemic and, as a result, difficult conditions for learning and self-development of students - all this did not contribute to normal work. Still, we are satisfied with the results of the year. 11% more students are admitted to the first year than last year. RTF students took the second place at the Ukrainian stage of the NASA Hackathon, and our graduate Ivan Hryshko was a member of the team that won the hackathon ! First-year student Ivan Zagorulko has won numerous international competitions for young inventors in Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and other countries. Our beautiful students Anna Kushnir and Elyzaveta Kalinichenko won the "Seeds of the Future" contest from Huawei. RTF students presented more than 70 reports at various national and international conferences. All this is only a part of the achievements of our youth.

At the request of current trends in information technology and in cooperation with our stakeholders (it should be noted that during this year, 7 cooperation agreements were signed with employers), three completely new educational programs were created. During the year, the partner companies held more than ten webinars, as well as provided laboratory equipment for the modernized courses "Element Base", "Fundamentals of PLIS", "Antenna Systems". Students had the opportunity to do an internship at modern partner companies - "SEA Electronics Ukraine", "ASAP-demo". Our new partners became sponsors of scientific conferences of the Faculty of Radio Engineering and the Competition of Engineering Ideas, which was held for students as part of career guidance work.

Under quarantine restrictions, the IV All-Ukrainian Conference of Students and Postgraduates "Radio Electronics in the XXI Century" and the IX International Conference "Radio Fields, Signals, Apparatus and Systems" were held last academic year. More than 250 scientists took part in them, not only domestic but also foreign ones - from Turkey, China, the Czech Republic and other countries. In 2021, the International Conference ISATT, traditionally organized / co-organized by our faculty, and which has been held for decades under the auspices of the IEEE, was held as part of the First Ukrainian Microwave Week (UkrMW) 2020 IEEE. Our teachers and students made about 15 reports on important topics. 

One of the main priorities of our faculty is the implementation of research work. So, during the last academic year, the faculty performed a number of works commissioned by our partner companies with a funding of over three million hryvnias. 17 RTF employees are involved in the implementation of the space program of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The faculty took part in two international profile exhibitions. During the year, our young teachers defended two dissertations - candidate and PhD. Young associate professors Stepan Piltiai and Alina Shulga became the winners of the "Young Teacher-Researcher" competition.

So, we have something to strive for, there is room to develop. We are moving forward and we are not ashamed to look our students and graduates in the eyes!

Oxana Zaharchenko, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering