Svitlana Reutska. Student time is the best time to experiment and find yourself

In order to create favourable conditions for young people to obtain higher education and encourage the most talented students, an academic scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was established 20 years ago. In the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, Svitlana Reutska, a student of the Department of Computer-Aided Management and Data Processing Systems of FIOT, was awarded a scholarship by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It is unbelievable that this fragile blonde will receive a master's degree in a few months. She finished last semester with an average score of 99.3. Participates in the scientific work of the department and public work. 

"Since adolescence, I dreamed of dedicating my professional path to programming," says Svetlana. - I did not hesitate for a long time with the choice of university: the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute immediately seemed to me the best option of all offered. So the last two classes were honestly preparing for the external evaluation, because it is not easy to enter the speciality of your dreams. “ 

As a result, the students' expectations were 100% justified. "Despite the fact that before the first year I was almost not engaged in programming, subjects in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute gave me an excellent knowledge base on which you can build skills to your liking, - says the student. - Of course, such a profession as a programmer is an industry where you need to learn a lot, probably all your life, and mostly on your own. But basic things like the basics of programming, algorithms, approaches to development, knowledge of how to store data, and even the development of artificial intelligence - all this can be obtained at the university. “ 

The graduate student is grateful to the teachers for the fact that they were able to explain complex things in simple words, taught "programmer" thinking and gave an idea of the versatility of the future profession. If entering the university the girl dreamed of simply developing computer games, now she is interested in creating software "that could improve the comfort and standard of living of people, help them.” Svitlana reported on her scientific research at professional conferences, in particular "Science and Technology of the XXI Century", FSP Science Days, etc., she has publications, in particular in the electronic archive ELAKPI.

The student's thesis is devoted to the detection of anomalies in the electrocardiogram. She plans to develop a program that could detect people's suspected heart disease with high accuracy in a reasonable amount of time. An approach has already been found in which the program can report the suspicion of such diseases with an accuracy of 98%. Due to parallel calculations, the speed of the algorithm does not exceed one minute. An algorithm is currently being sought to finalize and confirm the suspected diagnosis. 

"I want to say that KPI is not only about studying in the speciality, but also a great atmosphere for personal development," the girl continues. - Outside of university, I have many different hobbies, and strangely enough, most of them are not related to programming. I love to draw, I learn English and Spanish, I am interested in active sports - snowboarding and swimming, yoga. And where else could I learn to play tennis for free, if not in physical education classes? “ 

The student is grateful to Kyiv Polytechnic for modern knowledge, opportunities for comprehensive development and acquaintance with wonderful people - like-minded people. And the rest at the bases "Lighthouse" and "Polytechnic" gave her many unforgettable days. 

Svetlana shares her experience with younger colleagues: "You should not be afraid to do something, thinking that you will not succeed. Student time is the best time to experiment, find yourself, discover your potential. It is important to try to gain more knowledge than can be given in lectures, to look for additional sources of information about everything that interests you. But it is worth remembering: student years, especially junior courses, are not just studies. Participate in various events (scientific and entertainment), competitions, conferences, olympiads, hackathons. Because at this time there is just a lot of free time that can be used for something interesting. “