IHF Fellow student: if you do everything on time, there will be no problems with learning

Four more students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who according to the results of the winter semester control have the highest success in studying in the specialities "Mathematics", "Applied Mathematics", "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies", were awarded scholarships from the project "CEO for 1 day" (Monobank). Among those whose wallet, or card - will be replenished with the sum of three zeros - a student of the Department of hardware and software automation Victor Cherednichenko (average score 99.63). 

Before Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the boy studied at the lyceum №25 in Zhytomyr. He respects his old teachers, because they were able to interest in their subject. He  has chosen our university "as promising for further development as a scientist.” But with the faculty everything was not so simple: smart and motivated graduate was seduced by various areas of future education. IHF proved to be a leader of preferences, as it offered "multidisciplinary and high educational and scientific potential.”

According to the student, the adaptation to the requirements of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was quite smooth, but there was (and still is) the need to process and study a large amount of material, so there is almost no free time. Victor thought a bit about the difficulties of distance learning, and then answered: “For me personally, there are only two difficulties: the need to study more independently and, in comparison with full-time education, problems with access to scientific literature. But if everything is done on time or done in advance, there will be no problems.” And then he surprised by the remark that he could not determine which of the subjects he likes best, "because in general he likes them all.” That is so cute.

Although my interlocutor turned out to be a bit patient and a man of few words, he was happy to talk about his passion for robotics and future projects: fantasy intertwined with reality, thoughts jumped from one to another - bizarre images attracted almost beyond the horizon. And so it should be, it was not an accident that more than 120 years ago, at the opening of Kyiv Polytechnic, its first rector V. Kyrpychov thought about the importance of imagination for engineers. Imagination excites thought, and daily conscientious work embodies it in reality.