In Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute The order to ensure anti-epidemic measures when settling in student dormitories were approved.

1. A maximum of 2,500 students will be able to stay in dormitories for the period of distance learning. This number is approved in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Healthcare.

2. The right to priority settlement is for persons of categories entitled to various exemptions. The priority is also provided for:

  • students who already live in the dormitory;
  • students who can prove the absence of the Internet at the place of residence and, as a consequence, the opportunity to study remotely. To do this, you need to provide a certificate from the local government at the place of residence and confirmation of the absence of Internet coverage from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine .;
  • are transferred to Kyiv for medical treatment.

The list of persons will be formed by commissions on settlement of faculties / institutes on the basis of the submitted documents.

3. The list of students recommended for settlement together with the documents of the commission must be submitted by 18.09 for first-year students and by 28.08 for senior students. The decision must be approved by 21.09 for the first year and by 31.08 - for the senior year.

4. In case of eviction of students, who currently live in the dormitory, the possibility of settling students who have appropriate rights for it on free beds will be considered.

Order is signed by: first vice-rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Yuriy Yakymenko, director of the campus Oleksandr Ishchenko, vice-rector for educational work Natalia Seminska, acting chairman of the student council Nazar Bulavko and the chairman of the students commitee Ilya Varzhanskyi.

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