New road surface, renovated classrooms and more distance learning equipment

The Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Development Council approved the financing of the necessary expenditures for the development of the university.

Given the current "quarantine" peculiarities of academic process, it was decided to provide distance learning on the Sikorsky platform with the necessary equipment. The estimated cost is 1,043,000 UAH.

The asphalt pavement will be repaired and work will be carried out to restore the waterproofing of the foundation of the Aviation and Space Museum for a total of 1,240,000  UAH.

The №197 and №197A classrooms will be completely renovated (building №1). 600 000 UAH will be allocated for this from the University Development Fund.

The new computer equipment in the amount of 500 000 UAH will be received by the "Laboratory of Computer Modelling of Physical Processes" of the Department of General and Solid State Physics and the "Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling" of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory FMF.

The production of training equipment for the creation of a joint academic-research laboratory of the Credit Bureau "Storm" and FTI with estimated cost of 870 000 UAH will be completed.