Creativity overcomes stress. On St. Nicholas Day, on the initiative of philosopher, musician and culturologist, associate professor of the Department of Philosophy Iryna Pokulyta, a virtual performance took place: “greetings” remarks, music, competitions, gifts and surprises for colleagues, students, graduate students and their little ones. Special thanks from the department to our guest - the head of the Coordination Centre for Volunteers Olga Motynova, who called to give a holiday to those who are in difficult life circumstances. 

Thanks to the foreign friends who joined the action! 

Anjelika Akbar, star of Turkish music (Istanbul). The lunar sonata performed by her was surrounded by an innovative installation: in the Ebru style, just in the dark under the ceiling, Van Gogh's "Starry Night" came to life. 

Nataliya Morozova-Shimada - a famous Ukrainian-Japanese actress, writer and poet, together with her son Sava (Tokyo) read New Year's poems. 

Lyubov Bodnarchuk, a well-known public figure in France and president of the French Association "ART culture et créativité" (Paris), touched the strings of the souls of those present with her wise and sincere wishes in her New Year's greetings.

And the most active participants of the competition stages were students Alina Babiy, Yevhen Honcharenko, Alina Davydova, Sofiya Mospan, Vadym Navrotsky, Lyudmyla Sidenko and Margarita Ushakova. 

The role of Mykolaychyk was successfully performed by a very clever kid - the son of a graduate student of the department Pavel Bohdan.  

By the way, together with the staff of the Department of Philosophy, teachers and students of the Department of Psychology and Social Pedagogy of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University took part in the project. At their request, a Zoom broadcast of a volunteer play by a youth social and psychological theatre for children from vulnerable families took place. This activity in Kryvyi Rih is headed by associate professor of KSPU Ivanna Viktorivna Razmolodchykova. 

In three hours of virtual communication, all participants felt emotional unity and festive mood - very necessary things during the global test and separation in the real dimension. Therefore, the participants unanimously decided to continue such an innovative anti-stress format of international, interuniversity, interpersonal communication!   

Mariana Kolotylo, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy

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