KPIAbitFest, the festival for the entrants took place again on the 15th of February in the Scientific and Technical Library of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Several hundreds of visitors on all the floors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the university and its life, and also get answers to the questions considering the entry to the university. Potential entrants and their parents were communicating actively with the students and lecturers, were getting acquainted with the samples of their scientific and technical creativity near the stands of the faculties and institutes, got the explanation of educational programs, the peculiarities of studying and the perspectives of a further employment, leisure activities and the conditions of students' everyday life etc.

The official part of the festival was opened by Yuriy Yakymenko, the first vice-principal of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He told the guests about the university, its scientific schools, traditions, the history of KPI and its life in this day and age, and also about the study opportunities, self-development and leisure, that are available for young people who choose them for their further study.

Natalia Seminska, the vice-principal for educational work, represented in details in her speech about the faculties and institutes, directions of preparation at university.

Valeriy Mirzhanovsky, the Deputy Head of the Admissions Committee, amply informed the future entrants about the conditions of entry this year and extra points for entry.

The students actively participated in the festival. They did not only inform about the festival on the eve of it, but also worked with the visitors near the stands and grounds of all 24 faculties and institutes.

"This time, - Natalia Seminska said. – Our partners such as "Progresstech Ukraine" company, "Delfast" company, "The Noosphere engineering school" took part in the festival. The last partner gave us a financial help for holding the event and plans to open its school on the base of the Center of consolidation of students of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute to give pupils the opportunity to have time for technical creativity during their extracurricular time. The representatives of "Huawei" and "Metal Invest" companies also attended the festival. Our partners had the purpose to persuade parents and pupils about the specialties that can be got in KPI and will be demanded for their companies".

Olesya Lubianova, the Head of Academic Mobility of the university, amply informed the participants about the mobility programs, scholarship programs, in which students can take part, about the opportunities of getting higher education by dual-diploma programs with the universities abroad. Svitlana Novikova, the Head of the Content Department of Natural and Mathematical Educational Subjects of the Ukrainian Center of Educational Quality Assessment, mentioned the similarities and differences between ZNO and DPA. Yaroslav Symchuk, the Head of the Center of Knowledge Testing and Monitoring of the Institute of Education Quality Monitoring of KPI, gave advice how to prepare for ZNO. Olena Solovyova, the Head of the preparatory department of the Institute of Education Quality Monitoring of Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute dedicated her performance to training formats for courses. Many other performances of specialists, including the representatives of separate institutes and faculties, concerned certain characteristics of the profession the future entrant could choose for study.

By and large, this format of holding the Open Day attested its efficiency. Obviously, it will become the standard for organizing such events in the future.

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