Vice-rector Vadym Kondratyuk: Profit from garbage? Yes!

At the committee meeting, Vice-rector for administrative work Vadim Kondratyuk presented a separate garbage collection program at the university. The editorial department of "Kyiv Polytechnic" asked him for comments regarding to its implementation.

Vadym Anatoliyovych, what prompted the university administration to create this program?

It is well-known that the issue of garbage disposal is a worldwide, global problem. There are two laws in Ukraine that oblige and regulate the organization of garbage sorting at state-owned enterprises and institutions. These are the Law of Ukraine "On Waste" and the Law of Ukraine "On Housing and Communal Services". They are complemented by resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the regard to the sorting of garbage.

What is the essence of a separate garbage collection program at the university?

While discussing the program we concluded that it is necessary to install special containers and collect plastic, paper and glass separately on the territory of the university. We will install containers in training buildings and throughout the campus. We still need to buy two items of equipment: a branch shredder and a press. We are planning to collect all the secondary raw materials on the territory and take it to a concrete area. All these materials will be pressed there into special blocks weighing 80 kg and then stored. Having acquired a certain number of blocks, we will rent them at the market price.

Collect garbage and make profits?

Exactly. After the implementation of compressed garbage, it is estimated that we can make a profit of UAH 250-300 thousand per year. Considering the cost of this project, which will amount to about 1 million UAH, the payback period, is three and a half years. We also need to expenditure budget of employees' salaries who will sort, collect and press. The purchase of the press will allow us to press sawdust into the blocks, sell it as a secondary fuel and additionally receive another UAH 70-100 thousand a year. Some of this money can be used to support the existence of departments of the university.

What are the project launch dates?

After the active discussion, the presentation of the project received general approval. Everyone was able to express their suggestions and comments. Therefore, there is still work to be done.

We plan to launch the separate garbage collection project in the second quarter of the next year. To meet this deadline, we need to carry out preparatory work, first of all, to calculate in detail the resources and funds needed to launch the project to approve it at the university budget committee and put these funds into the budget next year.

Considering that there has not been waste management at KPI before, we will develop an appropriate logistical systematic scheme to bring the project to life. This is the purchase of equipment, site preparation, production of advertising products and more. I should also point out that there will be special representatives responsible for sorting and separating the garbage both in the buildings and in the park.

It is clear how to realize the technical side of the project, but how to teach people to sort garbage?

First of all, I will note that everything will be done voluntarily. We will be obliged to carry out the explanatory work with employees, teachers, applicants for higher education. We will probably arrange training, invite lecturers, and make posters or other printed materials to help people comply with these simple rules.