XTF students - all-Ukrainian Competition winners

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute students became winners of II stage of All-Ukrainian student competition "Inorganic substances chemical technology". The competition took place on "Ukranian state chemical technology university" site in Dnipro sity in May. Our Faculty of Chemical Technology was represented by 3d- and 4th- year students on bachelor preparation educational and professional program Iryna Storchak, Olena Bits, and Viktor Kyrulenko, who got bachelor diplomas in "Inorganic substances and water purification chemical technology" after graduation. In the end of competition Viktor Kyrulenko took general first place, Olena Bits - second one. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute team took first place in team competition.

Ректор УДХТУ  проф. О.А. Півоваров та делегац-я ХТФ студент В. Куриленко, тренер команди ст. викл. кафедри ТНР,В та ЗХТА.В.  Лапінський, студентки І. Сторчак та О. Биць

Viktor Kyrulenko began to prepare scientific research at the Department of Inorganic Substances Technology, Water Purification and General Chemical Technology under leadership of N.M. Tolstopalova. After his scientific activity results there were reports thesis published on numerous international conferences and declaration materials on patents and scientific articles were prepared.

Olena Bits joined scientific researches at the Department on the 3d year. Her works under the leadership of I.M.Ivanenko were devoted to absorptive purification of phenol-contained water. The patent for useful model " Way of obtaining photocatalyst adsorbent on titanium oxide basis (IV)".

Iryna Storchak takes part in Department scientific research actively, too. Under the leadership of I.M.Ivanenko after research results reports thesis and article "Wastewater purification from azo dyes with use of titanium oxide photocatalyst".

All competition participants passed specialization tests successfully for continuation of study on master preparation program.

Victor, Olena and Iryna also take part in Faculty and Department life actively, volunteer in organization and holding of "All-Ukrainian youth water prize" competition, which every year helps Ukrainian pupils and students to decide on future profession.

Apart from diplomas, participants got certificates and gifts from sponsors and priceless practical experience, as well as positive emotions from being in "Ukranian state chemical technology university", inspiration from communication with students from different Ukrainian cities.