Universal cables of domestic production are designed

Among the works that won National award of Ukraine in science and technology of 2018 collaborative design of the Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, NTU “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, PRAT “Zavod Pivdenkabel” – “Electro technological system of cable systems of superhigh voltages manufacturing” draws attention. The Doctor of technical science of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering Maksym Anatoliyovych Shcherba.

On the basis of theoretical researches and experiments the authors solved a scientific problem of increasing of transmission capacity and reliability of supervoltage cables by including non-linear mutuality between the parameters of their components and simplification of the technology of their manufacturing. They developed scientific basics of non-stationary problems solutions of three-dimensional division of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical fields in non-linear mediums of cable components. The designers suggested advanced technologies of current-carrying conductors manufacturing, electro-thermal extrusion and nano-strengthening of polymeric insulation of supervoltage cables and their certification tests.

They managed to form basics of creating of electro-technical systems in manufacturing of modern supervoltage cable systems without usage of power-consuming extrusion vertical plants more than 100 m high.

As professionals claim, the importance of the system designed is confined by the fact that it provides all the needs of Ukraine of the modern cable systems, including the ones of 400 kV voltage, which provides the energetic integration of the European countries. The system uses extrusion plant of catenary type 12 m high  manufactured according to the special order, which is an energetically effective decision.

The uniqueness of the systems is proved by the usage of advanced technologies of all cable components manufacturing, especially rod for current-carrying conductors that contains 99,99 % of copper (instead of possible 99,91 %) and oxygen – 0,0005 % (instead of 0,04 %). It provides the industrial manufacturing of modern supervoltage cables with the level of partial discharges in their insulation twice less than possible, improving the image of Ukraine as an industrially developed country.

In recent 10 years more than 1100 km of 110-400 kV cables of PRAT “Zavod Pivdenkabel” have been provided. Economical effect of the results gained brought in more than 4,7 billion UAH.

The Information from FEA