Creation of intellectual composite materials

By decree of the President an authoring team of Faculty of Chemical Engineering – Candidates of Science, associate professors Zhuchenko OA (Department of Automation of Chemical Productions), Ivitsky II(Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering) Tsapar VS (Department of Automation of Chemical Productions) and Ivitska DK (the graduate of research degree of Department of Non-Destructive Testing Instruments and Systems) were presented for the annual prizes of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2018 for creation of innovative computer-integrated technological complexes for the production of intellectual polymeric and silicate composite materials. It’s important to notice these scientists were the winners of “Junior teacher-researcher” contest by themselves (Oleksij Zhuchenko in 2013, Igor Ivitsky in 2017 and Vitalij Tsapar in 2015).

Scientists said an establishment of intelligent transmitters in products of compound materials allows to make a remote diagnostics and monitoring of these products directly during their exploitation. It’s currently important in aerospace industry (control of aircrafts’ parts’ deflected mode) in medicine (monitoring of artificial components of valves of the heart and so on); in ship building (control of critical components of submarine boats); in car manufacturing and mechanic engineering (strain monitoring of strains that arise in important areas during its exploitation).

The work represented by polytechnics is multidisciplinary. From one side, the technology and fixing item for establishment of intelligent transmitters in products of compound materials belongs to polymeric and silicate mechanic engineering. From the other side, we need experts of plant floor automation for creation smart computer integrated technology complex and we need experts of non-destructive testing for quality control and product characteristic.

The authors developed complex approach that compromises all technological aspects of receipt of intellectual polymeric and silicate materials including process modeling, hardware design, monitoring equipment design, software creation for complex control, method of intelligent transmitter implementation in fabric and quality control of end products. Developed constructions of nurtured equipment for smart material creation and monitoring equipment are unrivaled throughout the world.
The authors developed and took out a patent for knot rendering facility construction for intellectual materials implementing in a number of ways. A mechanism for production control of intellectual and nanomodified materials in a real-time enviroment is developed and patented. Also engineering implementation of automation technology complex and its method, software for complex management are registered.

Generally, authors wrote 4 monographies, gave to the world more than 50 articles, they’ve got 3 patents of Ukraine on invention and 31 patents of Ukraine on utility model. Presentation of results at the University of Coruna (Spain) as a part of international grant in a TEMPO project of Erasmus Mundus program, at the meeting of international experts of the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre as a part of UNIDO project, at International Sino-Ukrainian Symposium on innovations and technologies (Czzynan, China) and as a part of forum Alliance of chemical engineering of University Alliance of the Silk Road (Xi’an, China) speaks for the work of scholarship as the work of international standard.

Particular parts of the created composites are already introduced into productions at Ukrainian companies, but it’s necessary to find investors for further work in order to create produced within our country rival lines of products for implementing smart intellectual polymeric and silicate composite materials.

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