The signing of the agreement of the cooperation between the holding “Sikorsky Challenge” occurred on the 18th of December in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute within the visit of the delegation of Zhejiang province.

“Sikorsky Challenge” is one of the project teams of startup projects, which are the winners of the innovational project competition “Sikorsky Challenge 2019” and of the “Golden Egg Science and Technology” company (PRC) about the creation of a joint venture and also the memorandum about the intentions concerning the accomplishments of scientific and research works between the Scientific park “Kyiv Polytechnic” and the same company.

Fu Siaophen, who is the Deputy of General Secretary of the People’s Government, led the delegation of Zhejiang province. This delegation included Fen Shujihua, the president of the Market Steering Committee, Jan Sjumin, the Deputy Head of the Talent Committee, Fen Zhanken, the rector of Beijing Polytechnic University (till the 1st of September 2019), Jou Dzington, the Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Talents Committee, Zhun Hatszan, the president of Zhejiang Institute of Special Equipment, Lu Zhimin, the Head of the organizational department of the Xiaoshan District CPC Committee, , Lee Liumin, the CEO of “Zhenjiang Golden Egg Science and Technology” company (its main office works in the city of Hangzhou, the administrative center of Zhejiang province), etc.

The part of the guests has visited KPI for the first time, that is why the guests’ visit began with the familiarization of the university and the State Polytechnic Museum of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. After that, there was a meeting with the university leadership. Mykhailo Zgurovsky, the rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the NASU academician, Sergiy Sydorenko, the Vice-Rector for International Relations and the Corresponding Member of NASU, Inna Maliukova, the Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, Oleksiy Strutsynsky, the Director of Innovational Holding “Sikorsky Challenge”, Volodymyr Gnat, the CEO of the Scientific park “Kyiv Polytechnic”, Yuriy Tymoshenko, the Associate Professor of the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, etc., participated in this meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed the cooperation of KPI with scientific and educational organizations of the province and common projects that were or are currently being realized within this cooperation. It was started in 2002 from the signing of the memorandum about Zhejiang University and now it has a good experience. One of the most successful projects within this cooperation is establishing constant business relationships with “Zhenjiang Golden Egg Science and Technology” company and the creation of the common incubation center of the Ltd. “Golden Eggs Technology” with a subsidiary of this company. On the basis of this center, the cooperation is realized in two ways – educational and project ones.

“We are planning to extend the cooperation with your province, in particular to create the center of artificial intelligence, which is common with Zhejiang University, to launch the most successful startups of your and other countries and create lots of other technologies. Of course, we would like to increase the volume of specialists’ training at our university of Zhejiang province and the whole China, - Mykhailo Zgurovsky said, greeting the guests. – And today we will sign new agreements with pleasure, which will let our first startup be exported to Chinese markets and, we hope, to the markets of other countries, with “Golden Eggs” company and the innovative ground of your province. Now we understand, how we can do it together, so we henceforth hope to extend the area of our cooperation”.

So after the short discussion of the plans of further cooperation, the participants of the meeting took part in the ceremony of signing of two documents. The first agreement was signed between “Sikorsky Challenge” holding (Inna Maliukova), project team of startup project (Yuriy Tymoshenko, the head) and “Golden Eggs Science and Technology” company (Lee Liumin, CEO) about the creation of the enterprise. Apart from this, the memorandum about the intentions of accomplishments of scientific and research works within this startup project between the Scientific park “Kyiv Polytechnic” (Volodymyr Gnat, CEO) and the same company was signed.

“Our project is dedicated to the contactless remote technology for detecting some human biosignals, - Yuriy Tymoshenko commented the arrangements. – The Chinese partners and we are founding a common enterprise with the help of this agreement, which should develop this technology. It was elaborated in the Institute of Applied Analysis of KPI. Although the Chinese market is currently the most prepared in terms of its use, the Chinese side suggested this cooperation, and now we must find the shapes of those products, that we are engraining in the Chinese market. Herewith, the scientific part of the project is being worked out and developed in KPI, and its implementation is being developed in China. We hope that this cooperation will be beneficial for both sides”.

In addition, startup is one of the winners of this year competition of innovational projects “Sikorsky Challenge”, for the sake of which the new enterprise is being created.

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