On meeting of the Academic Council: 09.09.2019

  In 9th September 2019 the meeting of Academic Council of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute took place. At the beginning of meeting chancellor М.Zgurovsky congratulated anniversaries: the head of departure of automation of experimental studies Y.Tuz, the dean of engineer-chemical faculty Y.Panova, the head of the departure of machines and vehicles of chemical and oil-processing productions Y.Korniyenko, the head of departure of bioenergetics Y.Kuzmisky, the director of VPI P.Kyrychko, the head of the special department № 3 V.Yerohin, the head of departure of. biosafety and health I.Hudetsky, the head of departure of welding production V.Kvasnytsky.

   After meeting there was the rewarding with the badge “For scientific and educational achievements” to O.Chernousenko and Y.Volodarsky. Ten workers of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute were awarded with Thanks from MES in Ukraine for participating in development of the state standards of higher education.

   In accordance with suggestions from secretary А.Melnychenko the Academic Council considered recommendation to the appropriation of scientists of ranks to the scientifically-pedagogical workers of university.

   Farther rector М.Zgurovsky appealed to Academic Council with suggestion in relation to differentiation of position of university`s chancellor and chairman of university`s Academic Council. He suggested to choose on this position the director of ITS, the academician of NAS of Ukraine M.Ilchenko. A commission was then approved and a break was declared for secret balloting.

   After the break the Academic Council considered a question about the perfection of control system and organizational structure of university. A rector М.Zghurovsky gave a report. He grounded the necessity of making alteration to the organizational structure of the university with new tasks and challenges, showing on slides and commented on changes, that is brought in to the structure of management the educational, the scientific, with administrative work, and also described tasks that new departments have to do. On results of voting the Academic Council supported and confirmed a new organizational structure and control system.

   The Academic Council also confirmed on positions a pro-rector from educational work the associate professor V.Holyavko, pro-rector from the advanced study the professor V.Pasichnyk, pro-rector from educational work the associate professor N.Seminska, pro-rector from administrative work the associate professor V.Kondratuk.

   Farther a rector presented to the Academic Council new leaders of departments : the director of department of informatization of administrative activity B.Yemelianenko, the director of the department of quality of educational process O.Zhuchenko, the director of department of innovations and transfer of technologies O.Biletsky, the chief of science research part Y.Sydorenko, the director of department of safety A.Rachynsky, the director of department of economic work of R.Bryhytsa, the director of department of public welfare S.Manzyk.

   The Academic Council confirmed after the lecture of account presiding commissioner N.Sayenko the results of secret vote, the academician of NAS of Ukraine was select the chairman of Scientific advice of university M.Ilchenko. A rector signed an order about setting of chairman of The Academic Council and invited the newly elected chairman of The Academic Council farther to conduct the meeting.

   The Academic Council chose the vice-chairman of the Academic Council – P.Kyrychok.

   Farther the Academic Council heard a report about the results of reception of students to the university in 2019 by Y.Yakymenko He reported about the amount of a state order in the last few years, competitive situation, presented the amount of the counted students in the 1th and 5th courses of full-time and in external form of education and analysed the distribution of the counted students on faculties and institutes.

   The next was a question about realization of the 3rd stage of internal accreditation of self-examination, about this topic was a report by Y.Yakymenko. He underlined the importance of this stage and reported that to his results it will set decisions in relation to reorganization of departments.

   In the end the Academic Council considered current cases, in particular about the claim of results of competitive selection of projects for the advanced studies and scientific-technical (experimental) developments of young scientists, about claim of scientific reports by young scientists - grant holders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, about claim of candidatures on the receipt of grants from company “Meleksis Ukraine” and “Energy atom”, about the creation in composition of the engineering-physical faculty of a new structural subdivisions, about recommendation of printing of scientific magazines of university and others.