Our library is on Hoverla

   Climbing Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukrainian Carpathians, sometimes is called as an extreme type of rest. To walk up the height of 2061m above a sea level is a difficult trial. You need to show a will-power and ardour.

   On 17th August 2019 librarian of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute went to the top of Hoverla. Students and teachers of university, who had a rest in the camp "Globe", also joined them. To carry out this climbing on the mountain was not a simple thing, but all participants are convinced:  “It deserves that!”

   In those day the weather smiled us, lighting up fantastic sceneries and landscapes, it was  impossible to find words to describe it. Imagine how clouds lie on the tops of mountains, how boundless space causes easy dizziness, and the unique landscape that fascinate the look. Imagine? And those, who went in that day to Hoverla, saw all that in their own eyes. The landscape inspired, added forces, and we all rose further and further, rejecting the tiredness and the desire to stop.

   And here is a "roof of Ukraine". We deservingly completed an climbing, opening out three banners - State flag of Ukraine, flags of the Ukrainian library association and Scientific-technical library of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

   During a submission of Hoverla we showed up the main features of our library command - without regard to all difficulties we go ahead, never give up and stay together with all our association. We will continue to conquer tops - mountains and libraries!

L.Rabadanova, a librarian of the 1st category, STL
Photo: Y.Zuieva, a librarian of the 2nd category, STL