Pro-rector P.O. Kyrychok about educational work in the university in 2018

The main activity of educational work department in 2018 was an educational work, scholarship provision, academic mobility, social work for spreading culture among the masses, physical education, development of information space, coordination of student organizations work, security in the territory of the university and so on.

The department has a task for next year to continue working with:

    • Improvement of normative base and procedural framework of the university in a part of educational work in conformance with legal system;
    • Improvement of states which regulate aspects of scholarship provision of students, postgraduates and candidates for a doctor’s degree;
    • Guarantee of social and statutory and regulatory security of students entitled to benefits:
    • Examination and taking into consideration students’ thoughts about improvement of educational process in the university;
    • International cooperation in education sector and especially under the program Erasmus +, exchange programs, scholarship programs and programs of dual degree, multilateral projects with foreign partners, accountability for cooperation with world-known international organizations and funds;
    • Supporting of student art projects, engaging students in active work in coteries, classes, communities and clubs in the interests of scientific, scientific and technical, cultural, health and fitness and sport disciplines;
    • Development of university’s media space and active engaging students in it;
    • Coordination of student organizations work;
    • Students employability promotion, continuing of practice of holding vacancy fairs;
    • Further development of Students social service for social-psychological student support, contravention of law prevention, formation of priorities and values of healthy lifestyle.

    [The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]