Start-up is easy!

On October,11 in Library of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute an interesting and inspiring lecture "Start-up is easy!" was taking place. The speaker was Oleksiy Mas, the head of Innovation Lab in "Kyivstar", chairman of "Kyivstar", advisor about IT and Digital, person with rich experience of creating successful and famous start-ups. He is one the first Internet businessmen of Ukraine, co-founder of Ukrainian banner network, Ukrainian portal, advertisement agency InternetExpert, file sharing network , postal service etc., expert council member in three start-up markets, was a mentor in more than 50 start-up. In playful and creative climate Oleksiy has shared his experience of start-up creating and development. He explained how to find start-up team, which personal qualities people, working on start-up, should possess. He explained main factors of start-ups' success, how to find investments and the art of making mistakes and not stopping in achieving. Also there were lots of examples of successful and world known projects, which grown out from start-ups.

Also Oleksiy recommended all present listeners a lot of literature where one can find answers on main questions which were actively asked by listeners. The evening was very eventful and productive. Thanks to Oleksiy for visiting the Library, for openness, clear head and inspiration he treated all the listeners.