On June, 12, an agreement on cooperation between the company “CPI-Kyiv” and the Igor Sikorsky KPI was signed.
The document was signed by the rector of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Michael Zgurovskyi, and director of the CPI-Kyiv LLC Myhailo Vyrich.

The signing was preceded by discussion of ways and areas of cooperation in view of the specifics of the company. In addition to this the heads of the university and the company, the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science Sergiy Telenik, his deputy for design and design work, Maya Spercach, the Head of the Department of Automation and Control in the technical systems of FICS Alexander Rolik and the project manager of the “CPI-Kyiv” LLC Denis Bordovskikh took part in the conversation.

CPI-Kyiv Ltd is an engineering division of the well-known American corporation Crane. This corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech banking and trading equipment, aviation and aerospace systems, hydraulic equipment, automation systems, as well as composite materials for the automotive industry. Crane Corporation was founded in 1855 and has many glorious pages in its history: the creation of the first industrial lift, the development of the first US standard for construction materials, participation in the creation of a “rover” for work on the moon during the space expedition “Apollo 17” in 1972, paper delivery for US dollars printing, etc. The corporation's offices are in 26 countries.

“We are working in the field of creation of devices for conducting and processing payments - using banknotes, coins, or non-cash. This industry and, in fact, such devices are to a certain extent unique, because they combine precise mechanics, through which the movement of coins and bills is provided; sensors that allow you to read slash tags on money, and complex algorithms that allow you to determine whether or not certain securities are counterfeit, - told about the main direction of activity of "CPI-Kyiv” LLC and the reasons that led him to the university, Myhailo Virych. - This mix of technologies that we use and the need for their constant updating through the emergence of new methods of protecting banknotes and securities on the market are pushing us to find new approaches to, first of all, detection of banknotes. And I am sure that in this area the experience accumulated in the KPI will help us to create something new. I believe this is a great place where we can combine our practical developments with the university's scientific potential and create truly useful and practical things that we will use in our next generation of our devices”.

Therefore, innovation activities should become one of the main areas in which the university will cooperate with the company, and not only. Michael Zgurovskyi also invited guests to take part in the implementation of the dual education project at the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and, namely, the joint training of specialists: “This system will allow you, in conjunction with the faculty, to participate in the development of curricula and plans, to partially participate in their implementation and in the output not to get specialists who, for some time, should be, so to speak, “polished”, but ready to solve any technical problems of the industry ".

The participants of the negotiations also talked about joint research and participation of the company at the Sikorsky Challenge Innovation Festival and many more. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the agreement signed on June, 12th, is only the first stage of the deployment of cooperation between “CPI-Kyiv” LLC and Igor Sikorsky KPI. However, it already provides a fairly wide range of areas of joint activity: participation of the company in the creation of a research and teaching laboratory of automation in payment systems and telemetry on the basis of conducting joint research, expert techniques and technologies; carrying out training and retraining of personnel on the basis of this laboratory; joint research work; the inclusion in the curriculum of a number of special disciplines that are read at the Faculty, information on the latest technologies in the field of automation in payment systems, information security, telemetry and the use of information technology for the protection of securities, etc.

In the photo: director of the “CPI-Kyiv” LLC Myhailo Virych and the rector of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, the Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Michael Zgurovskyi after signing the agreement.

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