Huawei's top managers’ meeting

       The delegation of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (People's Republic of China) under the leadership of the European Huawei Research University president  - Zhou Hong visited KI on 24 May.

       The delegation consisted of the director of Huawei's Breakthrough Laboratory Development in 2012 - Zhong Ronghua, the director of its Research Center in Minsk, director of the Kyiv Research Center - Liu Siaohu, the engineer of Kyiv research center -  Sergei Kahirnasov and senior public relations manager at Kyiv Research Center - Mukola Ushakov.

       The guests met with the rector of the university, academician of NAS of Ukraine Mikhailo Zgurovskyi, with first vice-rector, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yuriy Yakymenko, with vice-rector for academic work, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  - Mikhailo Ilchenko, with the dean of electronics faculty -  Valeriy Zhukov, there was also dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics -  Ivan Dychko, acting director of the Physical-Technical Institute - Tetyana Litvinova, the holder of chair of the Computer Sciences Department at the Faculty of Computer Sciences - Serhii Stirenko and others.

       It is worth to not that this company's top managers visit to the university is not the first. The cooperation between KPI and Huawei began in December 2016, when the first contacts of leaders took place and an agreement was signed. This agreement defines the basic principles of cooperation in three areas - education, science and innovation. And, we should note that provisions of this document are steadily being implementing. For instance, in 2017, the company provided scholarships to the twenty-six best students from seven faculties, company also encouraged students from Kyiv Polytechnics to participate in a competition program titled "Seeds of the Future", winners of this competition (there are two representatives from KPI) could visit the People's Republic of China, or to participate in the traditional university fair of vacancies, etc.  We started to collaborate in R&D projects.

       Mikhailo Zgurovskyi told the guests about the history, principles of educational-scientific work and innovative activity and about present times of the university, he also mentioned the investigations of students from Kyiv Polytechnics. Especially, he claimed that KPI is the largest source of startups in Ukraine and presented some of the most successful ones to the guests. Huawei representatives took a special interest to the information about the university Sikorskiy Challenge Ecosystem and the annual Festival of Innovative Projects.

       In its turn, Pen Jiu – the spokesman of Huawei introduced Huawei's Research and Innovation Program (HRIP). According to this program the company provides financial support to universities that are conducting innovative researches in the field of telecommunication and information technology, as well as in related spheres. Participation in HRIP could be taken by specialists working in the field of information and communication technologies, informatics and engineering. Their main purpose is to look for innovative solutions in related spheres and to attract various research organizations from different countries to collaborate on beneficial terms. The program is being implemented under the slogan "Openness. Collaboration. Innovation" and allows researchers to receive not only financial support for their work, but also to get data on the most contemporary spheres for this field of research, and to establish long-term partnership relations with R&D Department.

       After both presentations, the participants of the meeting discussed some possible forms of partnership strengthening, especially the potential for collaboration in the field of innovations.

       In the end, representatives of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. visited the Laboratory at the Faculty of Physical Engineering and the Faculty of Computer Sciences.