“GlobalLogic Ukraine” representatives’ meeting

       Igor Bieda - Managing Director of GlobalLogic Ukraine, and Tetyana Khriapina - Head of Training Department visited KPI on 22 May.

“GlobalLogic Ukraine” is one of the five largest and most famous IT companies in Ukraine. This company is a full product development program. It collaborates with enterprises and organizations that represent all major industries in a way of combining creators and markets.

       The company is a sponsor and a partner of the innovative high-tech electronics and prototyping laboratory - "Lampa", it was opened in the hall №1 of the Scientific and Technical Library in KPI in December 2017. Now the project is expanding. Two laboratories are created at KPI within this project. “GlobalLogic Ukraine” provides all kinds of assistance to university in realization of these plans.

        Thus, Yuriy Yakimenko - the first vice-rector of the university and academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Eugene Korotkyi - an author of the project and the head of the laboratory "Lamp" and an associate professor of the faculty of electronics, Alexandr Lysenko - the head of Electronic Computers Designing Department at Faculty of Electronics took part in the discussion of the terms and prospects for new laboratories to come into operation. However, its budo is devoted not only to this. It was also about expanding cooperation, in particular, in improving the quality of training specialists.

       "Our company, about six months ago, decided to expand cooperation with some technical universities. And, of course, one of the key point for us is the KPI, - says Igor Bieda, - we wanted to move to a higher level, more dense concerning this cooperation... We are interested in increasing the number of graduates and improving the quality of their training. "According to Igor, the company will expand cooperation not only with the faculties that train IT specialists, but also with those who train future engineers for other sectors of the real economy as “GlobalLogic” delivers software to enterprises of diverse sphere and has a strong need for specialists of the appropriate directions. Igor Bieda also emphasized that “GlobalLogic Ukraine” is now interested in specialists who has solid scientific training, and those who are able to solve non-trivial problems except those who can work only on standard tasks.

        Yuriy Yakimenko expressed gratitude to the top managers of “GlobalLogic” for their help to university and told about the principles that function as a basis for training of engineers at KPI. He also told about abilities to meet the market requirements. At the same time, he emphasized on the University's interest to cooperate with leading companies, particularly, the process of students involvement in solving real problems and realization of innovative projects.      So, the meeting ended with consent to work out proposals on the forms and directions of further cooperation.

       At the end, visitors got acquainted with the operation progress in the premises, that is destined for new labs of the “Lampa” project.