This year, the Igor Sikorsky KPI hosted the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in biology for schoolchildren, whose participants competed for additional points for specific certificate of external evaluation for entering the four faculties: FBT, Faculty of Chemical Technology, FBMI and Faculty of Chemical Engineering. The organizers of the Olympiad were FBT and FCT. The subject-methodical committee of the Olympiad was headed by the dean of the FBT, Dr. of.Sc., prof. O.M.Dugan
More than 160 eleventh-graders from all over Ukraine took part in the correspondence distance tour. Of these, 35 were invited to take part in the final, which took place on March, 10, 2018, in the walls of our university.

The tasks of the final part of the Olympiad included 19 questions that covered all sections of the school curriculum on biology from worms to DNA and AIDS. The tasks were completed in three hours.

Checking of works, announcement of the results and work of the appellate commission (taking into account the territorial remoteness of the majority of participants in the Olympiad – Donetsk, Kherson, Chernivtsi, etc.) took place on the same day. While waiting for the results, leading scientists from the host faculties introduced the participants of Olympiads and parents to our university, its history, present day, conducted an excursion into the lives of key chemists, technologists, biotechnologists, environmentalists and demonstrated special experiments. Parents were able to find out about the future of their children's stay, study and employment.

According to the results of the check of written works, the winners of the Olympiad in biology were the following pupils: Vira Morozova and Marianna Nemtseva (5 points for external evaluation); Anastasia Baranovska and Bogdan Kobets (1 point to external evalutaion). The winners were awarded with prizes, and all participants received an invitation to join the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Julia Miroshnychenko, the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor at the FCT, the responsible for organizing and work of the Olympiad committee

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