International conference at the faculty of linguistics

On February 28, 2018, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Languages ​​of Professional Communication: Linguistic, Cognitive-Discourse, Translation Studies and Methodological Aspects” was held on the basis of the graduate departments of the Faculty of Linguistics.

This year's format of the conference was transformed in order to diversify and modernize the process of sharing experience and information, in particular through the workshops, coordinators of which were associate professors O.D.Dzykovich, L.S. Ivashkevych, N.V. Kosmastska, I.O.Simkova, O.V.Tkachyk, O. O.Turysheva. The range of topics proposed varied from the most relevant directions of modern linguistics (for example, corpus linguistics) to certain aspects of linguodidactics.

The conference raised interest among our colleagues not only in Ukraine but also abroad, in particular in Kyrgyzstan, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and Kenya. In total, the conference was attended by 159 participants, representatives of leading higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine.

Dean of the Faculty, prof. N.S. Saienko congratulated the participants, thanked the speakers and coordinators of the workshops and outlined the main directions of the scientific event.

At the plenary session, the participants heard reports from Professor of Philology of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, of M. Dragomanov University, vice-president of the Ukrainian Union of Germanicists of the Higher School, president of the public association “European Education and Science in Ukraine” S.M. Ivanenko; Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Translation, Applied and General Linguistics, V. Vynnychenko University, member of the Association for Globalization and Localization of GALA, co-founder of the international educational project Translatel-Academy, founder of the educational initiative CAT for Grad O.S. Bondarenko and lecturers of the German Academic Exchange Service Anja Lange.

Then the participants of the conference worked in three sections: “Modern vectors of the development of the linguistic system in the multicultural and multicultural space”, “Specificity of the translation in the context of professional communication”, “Modern approaches and innovative technologies of formation of foreign communication competence”. Interesting and up-to-date reports sparked the lively interest of the audience and encouraged colleagues to open the discussion.

At the final meeting, the results of the work were summarized and decisions were made that would promote the implementation of innovative scientific research in the educational process.

O.V. Dzykovych, O.O. Turysheva, associate professors of the DTPTGL