IV Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing

On January, 28, the KPI held traditional competition in cross-country skiing among the representatives of diplomatic missions, representatives of international companies, and the others – Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing. The organizers were the Ukrainian mountain ski club along with the embassies of Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

The special guests were a bronze winner of the Turin Olympiad Liliia Yefremova and the participant of the Winter Olympic Games Vita Yakymchuk.

The winners were defined individually and in team scoring. The amateurs’ distances were 1.5-3 km, the distance for experienced sportsmen – 6 km.

20 teams took part in this year’s event. Among those were teams of the Embassies of Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Italy, the Chezh Republic, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Ministry of Regional development.

Петро Киричок, Геннадій Зубко, Сергій Харчук

The winners of the IV Cup in team scoring were the team of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (1 place), "Raiffeisen Ski Team" (2 place) and “Schindler” (3 place).

Among youngster’s team the winners were "Team Sweden" and "Fischer dream team" (1 place, Ukraine), team of the Embassy of Norway (2 place) and the 3rd place was occupied by the team of the Chezh Republic’s Embassy.

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