Everyone should be able to swim

Teachers of the Physical Education Department of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute make a lot of effort for the full development of students and teachers. One of the components of human physical development is the ability to swim. Every person must be able to swim: both to prevent accidents on the water and to save health. Last year up to 2000 people, 279 of whom were children up to 2000 people drowned in the country. Massive swimming training is of national importance.

There is a mandatory compilation of standards for swimming for all students in the program of physical education in our university. Students who do not know how to swim attend classes on initial swimming training. It is sad to state that every year the number of young people who cannot swim is growing. Twenty years ago, up to 150 people could not swim among the first-year students. And today, the number of young people who enter university and cannot swim has grown by 3 times. Teachers of the Department of Swimming consider it their duty to teach all university students to swim. Moreover, we teach students how to properly teach swimming, so that each of them later could teach their children to swim.

In January, the teachers of the department conducted several practical seminars on various important areas for improving the teaching process and sharing of experience. Thus, the teachers of the Department of Swimming on January 16, 2018, held a master class of brace swimming technique and launch jumping for the teachers of the department. A group of teachers developed a methodology for conducting practical classes and the seminar itself was conducted with a visual demonstration of all exercises.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]