The school of young scientist–2017

On May 17-19, on the territory of Igor Sikorsky KPI was taking place the School of young scientist-2017 "Steps to success in scientific­ innovation activity". This event was ­organized for the active young scientists of our university by the Council of young scientists of KPI and Institute of publishing and printing with the support of the Council of young scientists of the Ukrainian Ministry of education.

The main aim of the School is to create the platform for scientists' experience exchange, for improving the quality of the researches, promoting young scientists, particularly, graduate students and masters, development of their dynamic capabilities, their cr­eativity, and good organization. Participation in the work of the School took more than 200 y­oung scientists.

The meeting has started from the salutatory words of the Vice-rector on scientific work of Igor ­Sikorsky KPI, academician of NAS of Ukraine M. Y. Ilchenko, the Vice-Rector on scientific-pedagogical activity P. O. Kiri­chok, and the Director of the ­Publishing Institute T. Y. ­Kirichok. The moderator of the School was the Head of the Council of young scientists of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, senior lecturer O. O. Bilecky. At the opening, numerous of the young scientists were listening to the informative report about the academic virtue performed by a Scientific Secretary of the University, Docent, Candidate of philosophy, Dean of the FSN faculty, A. A. Melnichenko.

Support of the young scientists is a separate direction of research policy in all countries of the world. The matter concerns the system of incentives and rewarding of the young scientists. Such system is created in Ukraine as well. In particular, thanks to the Ministry of Education and Science, on the initiative of Council of the young scientists under the MES was founded a competition of the research projects for young scientists and the amount of competition funding was increased for 2017.

 About the organization of the scientific groundwork submitting for the competition of youth projects of the MES of Ukraine has told the Head of the Department of integrated engineering technologies, V. A. Pasychnik.

During the School, participants were provided with the normative, methodological and advisory assistance in the work on the dissertation. The experienced professors and lecturers of the Institute of Publishing and Printing have presented and discussed their reports. Thus, the Professor of the Department of publishing and editing, L. E. Smola, has paid her attention to the time management issue during the research work. The Docent of the same Department, A. V. Litvin, told about the psychology of scientific work. The assistant of the Department of reprography, A. L. Blagodir, made a report in writing of the main sections of the thesis. The Docent of the Chair of publishing and editing, S. B.Fialka, highlighted the literary requirements for the dissertation and provided recommendations regarding the style of scientific papers. About the preparation to the defence of dissertation reported the Docent of the Department of ­Management in Publishing and Printing Industry, L. P. Shenderyvska. About the last preparation to the defence of the dissertation (preparation of a presentation, repetition of the report etc.) and the procedure of defence was talking O. O. Husak, the Professor of the Department of publishing and editing, the Head of the scientific project of young scientists against hybrid aggression in the humanitarian sphere.

The Director of the publishing house "ADEF-Ukraine", A. A. ­Istomina made a report about the glorious KPI student. The Head of the sector of Igor Sikorsky KPI library, O. V. Kosmina, spoke about the possibilities of using the international scientometric platforms Scopus and Web of Science in the research activity of a young scientist. The Head of Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, O. I. Dmitrieva has outlined the perspectives of graduate studies.

The lecturer from the Chair of the philosophy of the FSN faculty, M. A. Kazakov has told about the phenomenon of the pseudoscience. An employee from the Department of academic mobility of the University O. G. Shmendel has held a presentation about the projects of the credit mobility in the framework of the EU education programme Erasmus+ for graduate students of the Igor Sikorsky KPI. About the important role of the Scientific Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" in the integration of science and business told the CEO V. M. Gnat.

While summarizing the results at the closing­ of the School of the young scientist, the Director of the Institute of Printing and Publishing, T. Y. Kirichek, thanked the organizers, participants, and speakers for their productive work and emphasized the necessity of holding this event in the following year inviting participants from other higher institutions.

 Inf. Council of the young scientists of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute