Alumni meeting of Management Department 2017

About 200 graduates of management department gathered at KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky on April 1, 2017. This solemn event combined sincere joy and companionship of managerial community of our university, which also coincided with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Management and Marketing. It can be said for sure that graduates of the department develop management at various levels in many areas of the economy not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The evidence of students’ desire to follow the example of teachers is the fact that 18 graduates of Management and Marketing Faculty work at the Department of Management.

Wanting to provide communication between the department and its graduates with new impulse, the Department Administrative Board decided to initiate appropriate holiday - "Day of alumni meeting". Organizing Committee of the Department held a grand job of spreading this news among graduates, using social networks.

Let’s try to convey the atmosphere of the event. The first - informal - part of celebrations was held in Art Tower KPI: the joy of meetings, exchange of experiences, memories of a carefree student life, wearing of gowns (such wonders did not exist in our time!), photographs with friends and teachers, laughter and tears of emotion – everything was saying that "return to youth" was enjoyable for both guests and organizers of the holiday. The graduates remembered the years of study, exams complex and interesting lectures, favorite teachers and strict administrators , funny incidents from the life in the hostel. A pleasant surprise for the guests was an opportunity to find themselves in the photos of student life times.
After attending the Art Tower participants were invited to the meeting room of the Academic Council of KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky, where they could learn the history of the department and its achievements, which were introduced by a Chair of the Department – associate professor Victoria Victorivna Dergachova. She appealed to the graduates with warm words of congratulations and said that the not only teachers and students but also graduates glorify and increase the glory of the Department.

Also the favorite teachers - professors L.H.Smolyar, L.Ye.Dovhan and V.G. Gerasymchuk welcomed the graduates. The former student of KPI and now associate professor of Management Department M. O. Kravchenko said words of gratitude on behalf of the graduates. In addition to formal compellations there were creative performances, suggestions prepared by Ph.D., associate professor L.P. Artemenko, V.Ya.Holyuk and senior teacher O.Yu. Minkin. People friendly perceived themed videos prepared for graduate by today's students. Emcees (Professor. L.M.Shulhina and 1-year student Andriy Masterskyh) tried to diversify the event with jokes because the day of alumni meeting coincided with the Day of laughter!

The outcome of the meeting was combined photo shoot, small souvenirs and good mood.

The Department of Management conducted the meeting with alumni at such respectable level for the first time. So organizers hope that the proposed celebration will be a good tradition of communication between graduates and teachers, acquire new features useful for both sides to facilitate the expansion of its range of active participants.

L.M.Shulhina, Professor I.P.Malyk, Associate Professor, Department of Management FMM