100th anniversary of "Boeing" (with video)

In September, 23, there were celebrations on the occasion of 100th anniversary of "Boeing" company foundation.

Some events were preceded by the lecture for student devoted to the history of world known company. Not students but foremost fellow workers of Construction Center of "Boeing-Ukraine n.a. Stephan Tymoshenko in Kyiv were present today in the room of Academic Board. Representatives of the company have chosen Kyiv Polytechnic as a place for celebration of their 100th anniversary not accidentally- it was a place where two common educational and scientific centers of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" and "Boeing” company as well as "Progresstech-Ukraine" opened and where potential employees of "Boeing" and "Progresstech-Ukraine" study, with the significant part of them being involved into their project realization. Celebrations started with extremely dynamic video film called "Founder's Day" as well as short review of the most important events of the centenary history of the company. The vice-president of "Boeing International", honorable doctor of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI", Sergii Kravchenko delivered a speech as well. It related not only to the history and technical achievements of the company but mainly people that made these achievements possible. He recalled his meetings with a son of "Boeing" founder - William Boeing-Junior, managers, engineers and workers of the company-people of different ages and origin united by love to aviation and devotion to the company. This is a company that over 100 years has changed the world and will be changing it further. Sergii Kravchenko cited the president and executive director of «Boeing Commercial Airplanes», namely the manager of the line of civil airplanes designing, Ray Conner and said that the main principles that the company is followed by are courage, responsibility and passion for their work. Sergii Keavchenko mentioned Ukrainian department of the company as well. "We have all grounds to say that Construction center in Kyiv will be actively developing, - he stressed. By the end of this year the number of Ukrainian engineers that work here will have grown up to 379 and the next year to 150 more... And with you help we hope to make our center one of the biggest and the most powerful engineering centers of the company in the whole world". On the part of "Boeing" company, video congratulation of the head of Board of directors, the president and executive director, Dennis Muhlenberg became the culmination point of congratulation of meeting participants. Surrounded by models of aircrafts, each related to one of the stages in the life and activity of the company, he spoke not only about the past but the future of the company. He spoke to fellow workers who work in different countries of the world and make the future close. On behalf of the university, Rector Mykhailo Zgurovskyi spoke to the representatives of company that celebrated its jubilee. He pointed at some similarities between the history of "Boeing" company and National technical university of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute, since during training period of aircraft development, KPI the same as «Boeing" was on the top of new activity. KPI became a school for many outstanding aircraft designers and is one of the main centers for air crafting in country. Traditions founded at that times are still observed. Not only aviation but space projects are being realized in the university. «We are grateful to "Boeing" and "Progresstech -Ukraine" that offered us a helping hand at difficult times. We really need this kind of cooperation, since apart from fundamental and applied knowledge that we are able to provide in the scope of the university, we need to get involved into that kind of activity that "Boeing" and its close partner "Progress-Ukraine" take up, - said Mykhailo Zgurovskyi. In the end of his speech, he gave in some presents to the company representatives - books on history of the university as well as seven volumes of original common edition of National academy of science and KPI "Outstanding designers of Ukraine". In his turn, Sergii Kravchenko on behalf of "Boeing" company handed in a symbolic 50 000$ cheque to support the winners of fifth international festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge", whose works will relate to aviation and space (it's worth to remind that the festival will take place in university in October, current year). Managers of construction center "Boeing” in CIS countries as well as the head of the Board of directors of company group "Progresstech-Ukraine", Honorable Doctor of NTUU «Igor Sikorsky KPI", Volodymyr Kulchytskyi congratulated meeting participants. The last point of the meeting was a short video film with a symbolic name "No Small Dream". The photo of Sergii Kravchenko on the tribune.