Memorandum of Understanding between IEE of NTUU “KPI” and Department of Maritime Business and Logistics of University of Bremen

Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management of NTUU “KPI” and Department of maritime business and logistics of University of Bremen (German Federal Republic) signed Memorandum of Understanding.

On the behalf of NTUU “KPI” it was signed by pro-rector for international cooperation, correspondent member of Ukrainian NAS, Sergii Sydorenko, on behalf of University of Bremen – chairman of its Department of maritime business and logistics, professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis.

“Memorandum just signed is one of the principal documents in the cooperation organization of both universities and creation of consortium for the great project “Energy Ware – Energy efficiency of warehouse rooms in chains of marine deliveries” for the participation in European Union program “Horizon-2020”, stated the chairman of Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management, professor Sergii Denysiuk before memorandum signing.

When memorandum signed, the participants of the round table “Energy efficient means for the chains of marine deliveries” discussed the main problems of energy efficiency in the system of marine transportation and the lines for project EnergyWare realization. Professor Hans-Dietrich Haasis, project EnergyWare moderator, representative of the Department of maritime business and logistics, professor of University of Bremen, doctor Iryna Dovbishuk, chairman of IEE, professor Sergii Denysiuk, teachers and researchers of IEE who work on “EnergyWare” project as well as representatives of Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Kyiv National Economy University and Ukrainian NAS took part in the meeting.

The round table has been held in terms of II International scientific and practical, scientific and methodical conference “Energy management: conditions and development prospects – PEMS’16” that is being hold these days in NTUU “KPI”.