ХХІ International scientific and technical conference “Aerohydromechanics in engineering practice” devoted to the jubilee of the chair of applied hydromechanics and mechatronics of Mechanical and Engineering institute of NTUU “KPI” started its work on 25th of May in NTUU “KPI”.

Over 80 scientists and practical specialists take part in the conference and it is expected to hear and discuss around 120 reports. Visitors from Georgia, Algeria, Poland as well as representatives from higher educational establishments, scientific and research institutes and enterprises of Ukraine have arrived.

On the opening day the participants heard to 7 plenary papers “Computer and science” (academician of NASU V. T. Grinchenko, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor G. A. Voropaiev, Institute of hydromechanics of NASU), “Industry 4.0: independent intelligence system interaction” (general director of SE “Festo” A. M. Harchenko, didactics department manager of SE “Festo” E. S. Ryzhenko, Kyiv city), “Science Academy of higher school and its development” (Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of NTUU “KPI” Y. N. Kuznietsov), “Current state and trends of compressor industry in Ukraine” (PhD in Engineering Science, chief designer of NICMAS conglomerate P. E. Zharkov, Sumy city), “Ink-jet technologies in precision work of modern composites and ultra-hard materials” (Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of Kremenchuk National university n.a. Ostrogradskyi, A. F. Salenko, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of the Institute of ultra-hard materials n.a. V. M. Bakulia of NASU S.A. Klymenko), “Designing of load susceptible hydraulic systems” (chief designer of PJSC “Hidrosyla”of ADW, O. V. Harchenko, Kirovograd city), “System of mechatronic mechanism on the basis of adaptive FUZZY- controllers for mobile working mechanisms (Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of Vinnytsia National technical university, L. G. Kozlov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor of NTUU “KPI” V. B. Strutynskyi).

On the next day of the conference work it is expected to hear to the results of written thesis “Development of scientific grounds of designing theory of space system of mechanism for the engineering objects handling (PhD in Engineering Science of NTUU “KPI” S. V. Strytynskyi), “Life extension of pneumatic electromagnetic valves by means of providing moving system of electromagnetic valve driver with damping” (E. G. Baryliuk, National Aviation university, Kyiv city).

The same day the scientists will be working according to the following sections “Technical hydromechanics”, “Hydraulic pneumatic actuator and mechatronics systems”, Hydraulic and pneumonic mechanisms, hydraulic transmission”.

In terms of the conference there will be opening ceremony and presentation of the Laboratory of compressor mechanisms that will be operating in building №1 of NTUU “KPI”.

The photo of director of Mechanical and Engineering institute of NTUU “KPI”, correspondent member of Ukrainian NAS Mykola Bobyr delivering his speech on the opening ceremony of the conference.