Student conference of light and lighting technologies issues

On 18th November 2015 there was students' scientific-practical conference "Current issues of light and lighting technologies in Ukraine and around globe", organized by department of Technical English language №1 of the faculty of Linguistics. In conference took part technical faculties' students of І-ІІ grades of NTUU "KPI"

Subjects of reports dealt with important issues today: energy conservation and efficiency light sources, the use of alternative and renewable energy (photovoltaic cells, biomass, energy, tides and low tides etc.) to power lighting appliances provide light using nanotechnology, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different types artificial lighting. The working language of the conference was English.

With the opening speech performed a student from Oleksiy Kordysh. He acquainted the participants with the general theme of speeches and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of using LED lamps.

A student of second year of a Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation Tamilla Nauhatska told about benefits of using electric cars and analyzed ways to recharge their batteries. Student Irene Maykovich from FEA briefed the audience with technology "Smart Grid" - the so-called "smart electricity grid" which, in particular, can automatically find and fix faults without interruption in power supply. Student from FEA Maxim Karpenko considered the problem of the introduction of organic LEDs in his report.

The performance of students of FEA Maryna Shyfanova concerned the nanotechnology in nuclear engineering. A student of TEF Alexander Polyakov report "Artificial lighting" presented comparative analysis most common means of lighting: incandescent lamps, fluorescent and LED. The report HTF student Olga Sysova discussed the use of such alternative energy sources as biomass.

All performances differed originality. Students made great efforts to reveal the essence of its theme, make their presentations interesting and informative and shared with the audience their results

A.O Parahnevych, teacher of DETD №1