Scientific conferences at FCE

November 20-21, 2014, VII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Resources energy storing technology and equipment" was held in NTUU "KPI". Chairman of the Program Committee of the conference was the Vice-rector on science and education NTUU "KPI", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor P.A. Kyrychok, Vice President - Head of department of machines and devices of chemical and petroleum refinery FCE, Professor Ya.M. Kornienko.

The conference was attended by representatives of Ukrainian, Georgian universities and research organizations. After the plenary session of the conference work continued in the following sections: "Processes and devices of chemical and petroleum industries", "Computer-aided design equipment biochemical production", "Hardware resources and energy saving and environmental safety technology refrigeration and chemical industries ", "Machine parts", " Equipment for Forestry "," Ecology and technology of Plant Polymers "," Food technology and equipment for food production."
At the final plenary session of the conference, it was noted the prospects of the research, as well as adopted feasibility of further development and deepening of scientific research in the relevant scientific fields. In order to create the scientific and methodological foundations of the study of the basic resources and energy saving activities thermo technology equipment and chemical technologies in Ukraine is recommended to bring proceedings of the conference to the disciplines "Basic processes and equipment resources and energy saving technologies" and "Modern equipment of chemical technology" with the development of methodological support.

Two days before, on November 18-19, XV Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists "Equipment for chemical industries and enterprises of building materials" was held on the basis of FCE. Deputy Chairman of the organizing committee Ph.D., Associate Professor A.R. Stepanjuk ensure the timely publication of collections of abstracts to the conference and plenary reports recommended for publication in the journal "Chemical Engineering, Environmental and Resource", "Chemical Industry of Ukraine" and "Industrial Heat Engineering". The conference organizers would like to thank all the participants and invited to the following conferences a wide range of domestic and foreign scientists.

A.K.Skuratovsky, associate professor, participant of the conferences