In April the Ambassador of France in Ukraine Alain Remy met with students, graduates and professors of NTUU "KPI".

This is not the first visit of the leader of the French diplomatic mission to Kyiv Polytechnic. This time he came to the university with lecture "Student’s Mobility”. Higher education in France. French-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of education”.

Before the lecture, Alain Remy examined materials of the exhibition of student’s photographs and university employees' “Maidany and the KPI "- an artistic chronicle of the tumultuous events of the political history of our country in 2004 and late 2013 - early 2014. The exhibition is not open, so the Ambassador of France in Ukraine was the first of its audience. "I think that Maidan greatly expanded European educational space for Ukrainian students. Because at the beginning they first came out to keep the course on the European Union, and took an active part in all these events. They deserve it, "- he said, exchanging impressions with the rector of the university academician of NAS of Ukraine Mikhail Zgurovskiy and his deputies. During this conversation, the participants also discussed some of the innovations proposed in the new draft Law of Ukraine about "Higher Education", and the prospects for its adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the problem of financing higher education and the issue of cooperation KPI with the French universities.

The lecture was devoted to training opportunities and research in France. Today, this country occupies the third place in the world after the U.S. and the UK in the number of international students and their number is growing. For international students organized special training on the leading companies within the industry they choose, and assisted in finding employment. Of course, increases in French universities and the number of undergraduate and graduate students from Ukraine. So Alain Remy talked about very specific things. He told about the French universities that are willing to open their audience for representatives of our country (and in France are 72 universities, 220 engineering schools and more than 200 business schools, etc.), a variety of educational programs, subject to grant aid and scholarships and Practical of teaching foreign students in his country. Of course, a main role plays the program «CampusFrance» (National Agency for Higher Education in France) that works in many countries of the world, and particularly in Ukraine. Good opportunities provide scholarship and graduate programs of the European program of exchanges and cooperation in higher education. Even the French government can give scholarships for talented students.

Alain Rémy also told about the opportunity to pursue research in France. Every year France spends 47 billion euros for science. This gives the results: with the number of registered patents country holds the fourth place in the world, and with the number of scientific publications - the sixth. Interestingly, among the newly minted PhD (degree, which roughly corresponds to the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Ukraine) who defended their thesis in French universities, 41% are foreigners. Besides they can learn not only French but also in English now. Although, of course, knowledge of French is highly desirable for people who would like to study in this country, and therefore hold it for several months, or even years.

Finally, Ambassador of France in Ukraine gave the answer for the question from students.

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