On March 6, Brain-ring dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko was held in the audience 432 of the 18th building of the Department of Ukrainian language, literature and culture. The purpose of the event was to reveal the best team of the University on Shevchenko creativity knowledge. Teams of FICT, FL and two teams IASA participated. The event was informative and interesting, not only for the participants but also for the spectators, who were able to learn a lot about the life and work of the artist. Some facts surprised the audience and led to a more thorough study of the writer's work. All the team were confident of victory and tried to quickly respond to the questions posed. Their perseverance could only be envy. Despite the large number of incorrect answers, they did not give up and continued to search for ideas

Taking into account the answers of commands one of the most popular works of Shevchenko was the poem "Katerina". Persistent and intense competition ended with the victory FICT team, the second place was shared between the teams of IASA, fewer points scored team Faculty of Linguistics. Big thanks to the organizers of the original questions and interesting event.

Participants and fans got an incredible pleasure from both what they heard and saw.

N.V. Tilnyak, L.M. Sidorenko