Automated delivery of books in STL

In 1987, Scientific and technical library "KPI" was launched the electronic catalog. In 2012, there were added 65,522 new records for revenues of library collection of books and magazines, which the library received in previous years. As of 31 December 2012 e-catalog includes 283 500 bibliographic records of all books received from 1987 to the present time, 75% of the fund in the 1977-1986. In addition, the electronic catalog is included more than 1,000 titles from the fund of rare and valuable books and 97 bibliographic records of teachers’ works from periodicals, which were published to 1917.

Any Internet user can search material in our electronic catalog ( in the "24x7x365" mode, regardless of whether he\she is a member of the library or not.

In 2006 the automated loan on subscription of books scientific and technical literature was introduced, and later - in the reading room №11. In 2012, the loan on subscription of socio-economic literature and fiction, the loan on subscription of periodicals and reading rooms №13 and №15 started to work in such a mode.

Automated loan of books are based on the use of bar code technology. It significantly accelerates the process of recording and writing books on the reader form for subscription and in the reading rooms.

You do not necessarily come to the library to extend the use of a book or magazine. Anyone who has the electronic form at NTUU "KPI" can do so at any time via the Internet.

The reader who has an electronic form in our library can also order the necessary materials from the fund on the Internet. When books are selected, the program will send him\her an email and a convenient time he\she will get them. If the book or magazine is given to someone else, the system will put him\her in line and notify via email.

According to the information of STL of NTUU “KPI”