KPI at the exhibition "Education Darnitsya 2013"

September 28, 2013, the District Exhibition and Festival "Education Darnitsya 2013", dedicated to the Day of Education Workers, was held in the Soldiers-internationalists park of Kyiv Darnitsya district. Kyiv educational institutions of all levels and various forms of ownership were involved in this event.They have had an opportunity to present the structure of their institutions, the services network and the organization of the educational process. For higher education institutions such exhibitions is an opportunity to open an admission campaign for the next (2014) year, as well as an opportunity to spread among scholars, potential students, information about the institution.

NTUU"KPI" in this exhibition was presented by its six subdivisions: FCT, IPT, ESITS, FASS, FCE and FRE. Despite our small size, the agitation was so bright that we have had constantly the visitors. We told about the university, about our system of higher technical education, which combines fundamental knowledge in physics, mathematics, chemistry and other disciplines with general engineering, the main goal of the activities of NTUU"KPI" - training of qualified specialists are in high demand in the labor market.

A lot of visitors asked us- is it difficult to study in the KPI? We honestly admitted that it is difficult, because the level of school curriculum and teaching does not always meet the requirements for admission to the university. But the system, created at the University for Pre-university training (PUT), is a good opportunity for scholars to acquire the necessary knowledge to get used to the current tests and examinations, to tune to a specific specialty. PUT not only gives the level of knowledge required for admission to the KPI, but also teaches to study at the university.

By the way, it was very nice to meet the scolars parents at the show - KPI graduates of different years and different departments, and to hear from them that they are always warmly remember the years of study at the institute and that their children also need to study at the Kiev Polytechnic.

The chairman Darnitskiy state administration Sergey Vitovsky and Head of Darnitsya Education Department Sergey Timchenko were glad to have NTUU"KPI" at the exibition. They congratulated all presented with the holiday, noting the presentation of educational achievements and teaching materials, teachers' invaluable contribution to the development of education.

O.P.Kachorovska, senior Lecturer FCT