On July 11th, in the NTUU 'KPI' Scientific Park’s show room 'the Kyiv Poly' took place the conference on 'the methodology implementation experience of the of enterprises’ resource efficient and purer manufacture situated in Kyiv region'.

The main purpose of the conference was the results discussion of enterprises’ and organizations’ activity in the Kyiv region within the frame of implementation the resource efficient and purer manufacture project under the direction of UN, namely UNIDO. UNIDO also initiates involving of new enterprises in this project. The host of the conference was The Resource Efficient and Purer Manufacture Centre (REPMC) established within the frame of this project with the purpose of servicing and organizational supporting the measures aiming to reduce resource consumption by the Ukrainian enterprises and increase competitive advantage.

It is necessary to mention that the Kyiv region has been involved in this project since 2011. Briefly, the main concept of it is the detection of economically and technologically inefficient energy, material and water consumption, with subsequent treatment and performance of technical decisions in order to cure defaults as well as to reduce emissions and sewage waters without reducing the business capacity. The project shall be implemented up to 2015. The Resource Efficient and Purer Manufacture Centre was established by the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in cooperation with NTUU “KPI” in 2013. Four consulting companies from Switzerland as well as the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation perform support to the project. North East University of applied arts in Switzerland leads support to this project. The Swiss Confederation and Republic of Austria back in this business.

The conference was the intermediate stage in sizing up the work performance within the frame of the project. At the conference were present: deputy minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Lyudmila Musina, deputy director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Ukraine Petra Widmer, CEO of the Swiss Centre for coordination Christophe Hugue, deputy vice-principal for research of NTUU “KPI” Valeriy Barbash, director of the REPMC Ihor Shylovitch, enterprises’ and organizations’ representatives engaged in project performance, the specialists of the Scientific Park of NTUU “KPI”, as well as the scientists and post-graduate students.

'Our project is the largest project in the world concerned with pure manufacture', - emphasized the Centre’s director Ihor Scylovitch dedicating the conference. – This is the technical project aimed at increasing competitive advantage of our enterprises. It is also focused on making new steps towards providing cost-effective use of services and efficient manufacture by the native industry on the basis of engineering approach.

During 2012-2013, the project has been implemented on the following enterprises: 'Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory' JSCo, 'Zhashkovskij maslozavod' Public company, 'Brovarskyj zavod budivelnykh konstruktsij' LLC, 'Promgaztekhnologiya, firma' JSCo, 'Boguslavska silgosptekhnika' PJCoc, 'Boguslavska sukonna fabryka' LLC, 'Trypilskyj pakuvalnyj kombinat' Public Enterprise, 'Darnytskyj vagonoremontnyj zavod' and other.

NTUU 'KPI' took an active part in the project implementation. The university officials performed energy audit of the academic 18 building, 15 dormitory and sports center. They also elaborated the series of organizational and technical measures on energy resources economy regarding these objects. Upon its completion, they set about its incremental implementation.
'Twenty officials of NTUU 'KPI' acting as the experts, take part in project implementation, as well as a score of specialists of different university’s subdivisions, departments and institutes, - mentioned the deputy vice-principal of the university Valeriy Barbash. 'KPI' as the main organization, on the basis of which the projects are implemented, is interested in networking with the domestic enterprises involved in the project. It is also interested in creating brand-new technologies within the frame of this project and engaging university’s scientists in this work and other programs governed by UNIDO'.

During the discussion all the specialists came to agreement that the very first work stage showed that the enterprises possess essential resources of energy saving and great modernization potential. Now the matter depends on the experts’ competent conclusions and subsequent implementation of proposed programs. Generally, the expected annual economic effect from performance of corresponding measures on the region’s enterprises and organizations (engaged in the project only) may equal UAH 35-40 m per year.

At the end of the conference, the Centre’s director Ihor Shylovitch and deputy director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Petra Widmer handed over the project’s participants certificates to the representatives of the enterprises and organizations performing the programs of resource efficient and purer manufacture.

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