Lecture “Miracles collection “ was read on April, 16 by famous Spanish designer and artist of the book Isidro Ferrer for students of NTUU “KPI”. Of course, its main participants were people who would become his future colleagues and who master the book design - Students of Institute of Publishing and Printing of “KPI”. However, the question of art and its development trends are interested not only for professionals. So to listen to one of the iconic person of European graphic design and book illustration also came students and professors of faculties and institutes of technical specialties.

Works of Isidro Ferrer are well known not only in Spain but also in other countries. Successful were his solo exhibitions in the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art of Mendoza (Argentina), the Center for Design, Film and Television of Mexico, Graduate School of Arts and Design of Matozynyush (Portugal), the College of Art and Design Savannah (U.S.), Spanish cultural centers in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), San Salvador (El Salvador), at the gallery Monhran in Marseille (France) and others. He has received numerous rewards of artistic community - the Spanish National Prize for Design 2002, National Award for illustration in 2006, the award «European Design Award» (Stockholm) for best poster design for Drama Centre in 2008, the Gold Award Golden Label Awards (Austria ) for the best marketing concept in creating design for Aqua de Lunares and others.

Neither widely acceptance nor awards have forced the artist to stay with discovered solutions. He is constantly seeking and finds new and modern methods of graphical visualization of texts and meanings, in his works. Playing with words and images, breaking stereotypes, constructing a new reality, which becomes a symbolic meaning – it is not only him method in design, but also a way of thinking. So, the work of Ferrer, of course, is a continuation of his personality, which appear in his lectures. The artist told the audience about his understanding of the things, which he has devoted life to, also the story of the birth of ideas and creation on their basis some of his work and shared his thoughts on the role of design in the modern world. And also his vision of the world. The world in which wonders if look closely, can be found at every turn, and if not found - you create in your own hands.

Of course, this lecture has become a good exordium to the first Kiev exhibition of Isidro Ferrer which will open at 19:00 pm April 18 in Shcherbenko Art Center (str, 22-B) and runs until May 11.

During the artist’s visit to “KPI” he was accompanied by Cultural Affairs Embassy of Spain in Ukraine Victor Murcia and coordinator of Embassy of Cultural Affairs Christina Garcia.

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