The acquisition practical skills for students are an important step in the learning process. The department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems of PBF is always attentive in organizing and conducting of practical training where students are first attached to a future profession, Students have their practical training at their third, fourth and sixth courses.

Студентка 6-го курсу Христина Арцибашева на Київській обласній СЕСThird year students have the practice during which they learn the environmental sector. Most often they visit Ukrainian Research Institute of Analytical Instrumentation; Factory "Meridian" named by S. Korolov; company "Avtoecoprylad." At these enterprises, students see over the organization of production and master the skills of independent works related to the development of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems. Third-year students are also involved in the preparation and organization of educational process for younger colleagues, including the preparation of laboratory workshops.

The aim of the practice of the fourth year students is the bachelor preparation for certification work in the enterprises and in the educational and researching laboratories of the department. At the sixth year future specialists have practice at the state enterprise "Ukrmetteststandart" Kyiv regional sanitary-epidemiological station and other environmental business sector.

Магістрант Дмитро Корнієнко на відкритті металургійного комбінатуThe undergraduate students have the practice at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics named by V. Lashkarova, NAS of Ukraine, Research Institute of Applied Electronics, the Scientific and Production Enterprise "Atomkompleksprylad" and others.

There was the grand opening of the metallurgical plant "Interpipe Steel" in Dnipropetrovsk on October 9.  Its launch was attended by the students of the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems: Dmitry Kornienko and Vitaly Ivasenko dealt with the implementation of new technologies of analytical and environmental control.

These kinds of practicing ensure the implementation of the curriculum and graduates can see over the peculiarities of professional activity. Thanks to high-quality training and perseverance of students, the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems for prepares qualified specialists in the field of environmental instrumentation, who are in demand in Ukraine and abroad.

O.M.Markina, Department NAEPS