In Polesie, among the swamps and ancient forests, a long time there is an anomaly, called Stone village. On the area of 15 hectares there accumulated stone giants of different shapes and sizes among the trees: boulders the size of a country house lined the streets near - barn and storage, in the area - rural council, the school and the like. If the Valley of daffodils in the Carpathian region (also the anomaly) became a place of pilgrimage for tourists and country’s visit card, the Zhytomyr (a scattering of stones formed near the town Olevsk) was less fortunate. The moorland, until recently dominated by only insects and the military, did not contribute to the popularization of the area though was shrouded in legend for a long time.

It is said that there was once a rich village in a forest. An elder in scanty rags was going through it. He asked for bread the wealthy owner. Those gave him something, wrapped in a rag. When the old went a little farther, unwrapped the bundle, he found there a stone. Traveler, and they turned out to be God himself, looked sadly at the village, and it immediately turned to stone. According to another legend, in this place the fight between God and his antipode took place long ago. The battle was hot, even boulder split, Satan was defeated, and on one of the stones were deep scratches from his claws. God, returning to heaven, took a few steps on stone and leave footprints.

Researchers also have two hypotheses of the origins this stone miracle among gelatinous forests did. For one, boulders come from Scandinavia, they were brought by the glacier. According the other, the stones are the remains of the foot of the ancient mountains, formed by the same glacier eroded over 20 thousand years.

It seems that to get there is very easy, but the road here are designed, apparently, to military equipment only. Locals people saw the asphalt only in dreams. A bus from Olevska to Rudne-Zamyslovetskaya, the distance between them less than 30 km, overcame in 2 hours. And then have to wade (or wooden bridge) over the river Perga, and for half an hour - tread on uncharted path. Here are the remains of the mill, which is built by the devil. The work was not finished in time because of the sunrise. The devil’s mill on the rocks crumbled, leaving only giant "millstone". This pole - "lift" to the top of the boulder. Climb them this is a fun for all visitors. One after another dive and into the narrow cleft that allows you to "clean up" from sin and gain natural "forces" stepping stone barefoot footprints - make a wish, etc. And then the "compass" – the faults accurately indicate the compass. There are "power" boulders, which some people manage to feel the heat, there are figures of animals and the like. His head thrown back, looking gouged hives - it is said, in the villages one can buy a real forest honey.

Contactees and researchers anomalies call this place almost spaceport and "transition" to other dimensions. You can say what you like, but the satellite imagery clearly shows that the largest stones are arranged in regular circles.