Vice-Rector of NTUU "KPI", Director of the Ukrainian-Polish Center of NTUU "KPI" Professor S.I. Sydorenko and Director of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Professor Henrik Sobchuk met with Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences academician A.G. Zagorodny and Chief of the International Relations Department Of the candidate of political sciences S.V.Miakuskov.

During the meeting the participants discussed the expanding of prospect of cooperation between scientists of Ukraine and Poland in the context of the European integration of Ukraine and new possibilities of adjustment opened by the discovery of the Delegation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kiev.

The first joint steps have already done: with the help of Delegation prepared for publishing book “Voitsekh Svientoslavskyi - a person who brings the people of Poland and Ukraine together”, by the authors which were made by Polish and Ukrainian scientists; at NTUU "KPI" organized international Conference on the problems of wastewater treatment. Participants of the meeting approved proposal on making the Conference on the basis of NTUU "KPI" traditional for scientists of universities of Poland and Ukraine, as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.

It was also about the plans for scientific-technical conferences in Ukraine and other actual directions, about forming consortiums of scientists of our countries to participate in the contests of projects in priority directions of European Union program "Horizon 2020".

So, open up additional opportunities for the development of cooperation between scientists from Poland and Ukraine. Ahead – new scientific links, projects, European grants as for the stidents of “KPI” as young scholars, masters and post-graduates!

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