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Polish and Ukrainian student forum «KPI-Connect 2015»

2015.07.16 Польсько-український студентський форум «KPI-Connect 2015»

Polish and Ukrainian student forum «KPI-Connect 2015» has started its functioning in National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

The forum has been organized by Student council of NTUU “KPI”. It is aimed at developing of students’ social projects, youth social media and lower initiatives. The representatives of students’ councils of Ukrainian universities as well as students’ parliaments of Warsaw and Gdansk Polytechnics take part in this event.

Ceremonial opening was held on the 15th of July in Conference room of Academic board of NTUU “KPI”. The vice-rector for Research and Education of NTUU “KPI” Petro Kyrychok and chairperson of Student Council of NTUU “KPI” Dmytro Afanasjev congratulated all participants. The representatives of Student Council of NTUU “KPI” delivered presentations on such successful projects as Radio KPI, KPI TV, educational schools.

Presentations of student government representatives of Ukrainian and Polish higher educational establishments as well as speeches of prominent public people and journalists will be held on the 16-17th of July.

The picture of the chairman of Student Council of NTUU “KPI” Dmytro Afanasjev.


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