Faculty of Welding

Dean: Fomichov Sergii Kostyintunovich
Address: Room 220, 2nd Floor, Building 23, Dashavska str.6/2, Kyiv, 03056
Telephones: 204-92-21, 204-90-03
e-mail: zf[at]kpi.ua

Faculty of Welding Departments

FW logo With outstanding organizational abilities of the prominent scientist, the founder of the Ukrainian welding school Yevhen Oskarovych Paton, Kyiv became the world's largest center of welding science. In 1948, the Faculty of Welding was established in the KPI, initially it had only one department, Welding Engineering, the founder and the first head was professor Y.O. Paton.

As a separate unit the Faculty of Welding existed in the KPI to 1955, when merged with the Faculty of Mechanics, establishing the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The renewal of the Faculty of Welding was initiated by academician B.E. Paton in 1975. One of the establishers and the first dean was Associate of Science, Professor A.M. Slyvinskii. In 1977, construction of the building for the Faculty of Welding was completed. The total area was 6000 m2, and more than 300 m2 of which were laboratories.

In 2008 Faculty of Welding has been certified by the National Authority of the International Institute of Welding and Training International Welding Engineers.

At the Faculty professionals with fundamental knowledge of general engineering and applied subjects are trained, they can develop innovative bonding technologies of modern materials, including biological substance, solve the urgent problems of construction of any materials, and develop new welding equipment, implement automated and robotic systems, design unattended technologies of welded structures, conduct research in the field of welding and related technologies. Curricula includes the internship, and for the best students - internships in leading specialized institutions of the EU and U.S.A. On a contract basis you may receive the second higher education in economics and on the special program "International Welding Engineer» (IWE, International Welding Engineer) with the issuance of an international certificate; here works Joint Ukrainian - German Faculty.

Employment of specialists is provided by the state order, individual orders and free choice. Graduates work as managers, leading experts of oil and gas, aerospace, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrument-making, machinery and other important sectors of the economy; scientific researchers and developers of advanced welding materials, processes, technologies; computerized and automatic-control systems.