Address: Room 80, Building 8, Ac. Anhelia Street, 1/37, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Phone: +38 (044) 204-84-23

The Department of Printing Technology was established in 1990.

Since 1964, it has functioned as a department of technology and economics of printing production.

The department was headed by: associate professor M.G. Kulaga (1964), associate professor I.M. Nemchenko (1964-1969), associate professor V. G. Lytvyn (1969-1975), associate professor Yu.O. Barnych (1975-1990), associate professor O.F. Rozum (1990-2003), Professor P.O. Kyrychok (2003-2017), Professor T.A. Roik (2017-2021), from 2021 it is headed by Professor T. Yu. Kyrychok.

Specialist training specialty:

186 Publishing and printing
Field of training 18 Production and technologies

The main areas of scientific and technical activity:

  • development of scientific foundations of the latest technologies of
  • printing production;
  • development of methods of protection of printed products;
  • design of printing enterprises;
  • study of consumables.

Qualification of graduates:

  • bachelor's degree in publishing and printing (I level of higher
  • master's degree in publishing and printing (II level of higher education);
  • doctor of philosophy in publishing and printing (III level of higher education).

Activities of specialists:
design of technological processes, organization of production of printed, packaging products, electronic publications; management of the printing company and its subdivisions; Scientific research work; protection of printed products; development of new materials.

The main areas of work of the future specialist:
publishing, the printing industry and related branches of the national economy (associations and their enterprises, publishing houses, research and project organizations that develop and produce printed and packaging products, electronic publications).