The department comprises 42 teachers, including 2 professors, 8 associate professors, 12 senior teachers and 20 teachers.

The Department of English for Engineering № 2 was organized irsn 2000. The main direction of scientific, educational and methodological work of the department is training of future specialists in the field of engineering.

Head of the Department Prof., Ph.D. Lavrysh Yuliana Eduardivna. Teachers of the department conduct scientific and pedagogical research at 9 faculties and institutes of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, successfully teaching English to approximately 3,850 students at the following faculties and institutes: ITS, IMZ, IHF, MMI, PBF, FMF, FTI, ISZZI, IAT.

The main directions of the department work are:

  • teaching English students of technical faculties implementing educational digital technologies;
  • providing assistance in student’s competitions and conferences preparation, writing qualifying papers in English, the successful EVI examitation;
  • development of syllabuses and teaching materials;
  • – conducting research work in the following areas: problems of language and speech training for engineers, methods of ESP foreign languages teaching for engineers, STEAM education

    The high level of education is ensured by the application in teaching of the following methods and approaches:

    • activity-oriented, project and system approaches;
    • interdisciplinary integration;
    • communicative method of teaching;
    • systems of ongoing, progress and final controls of evaluation;
    • effective system of educational autonomy implementation on the basis of distance learning courses developed by the teachers of our department.

    The staff of the department works on the development of relevant educational and methodological materials for teaching English for engineering and improves their skills through internships at other leading universities in Ukraine, the British Council and the American Resource Center for English Teachers. The teachers are actively working on composing textbooks, manuals, dictionaries and workshops. Every year the number of materials published by our teachers increases, as well as the number of graduate and doctoral students.

    Effective cooperation of the department with the graduating departments of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and related departments of other educational institutions. Every spring student scientific conferences are conducted, where students present their reports on scientific topics in English. There are also interdisciplinary competitions in English, physics and mathematics.

    The process of English learning is closely linked to the nature of students’ future careers and, in line with the European guidelines for language education developed by the Council of Europe, we develop the communicative competences in a foreign language at the level of the independent user. Multimedia technologies and interactive strategies implemented by our teachers and communicative techniques help the students to achieve the achievement of B2 language proficiency, which is the demand of a bachelor’s degree standard.

    Improving the quality of teaching and modernizing the scientific and methodological support of the disciplines taught, based on the competence approach and credit-module principle in accordance with national and international standards of teaching quality contribute to improving the professional development of our department. Teachers of the department participate in methodological and research groups, hold conferences to share experiences, help young teachers in organizing the educational process, and organize seminars on the latest methods and technologies of teaching English. The teachers of the department take part in conferences and seminars, introduce new teaching methods, cooperate with other universities on recent development in language training. The employees of the department monitor changes and trends in the teaching of foreign languages and their practical use, which results they publish as scientific and methodological articles in professional journals included in scientometric databases.