Department of Electromechanical Equipment of Energy Consuming Industries (EMOEV), IEE

The history of Department of electro-mechanical equipment for energy-consuming industries (EMOEV) begins in 1989 when Faculty of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation was reorganized into Faculty of Mining Engineering and the Department of mining electrical engineering was renewed. Candidate of Sciences and Docent Shevchuk S. was appointed as HoD.

The first mining electrical engineers who entered the Department in 1990 graduated in February 1996. Since 1990, one of the new activities of the Department is training mining engineers, electrical engineers for underground structures of the city: Construction Management "Kyivmetrobud" Electromechanical service and the Kiev Metro Escalators, KyivPidzemBud, Specialized administration of antilandslide undergroung works of the Dnipro River right bank, Institute "Kyivmetroproekt" etc.

The staff of the department are actively cooperating in the reform of the education system in Ukraine,  developing a new generation of industry standards for higher education (EQC, EPP, MD),  on the specialty 7.05070205 "Electromechanical systems of geotechnical industries" on the

The Department established the Center EMOEV energy-saving pulse-wave structures, technologies and training systems (CICT) as a division of the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management. The main task of the center is the development and implementation of energy saving technologies in industry, educational, scientific and methodical work of the department. The main activities of the Centre are to develop:

  • complex of  standard size hand hydrohammers for mining, construction and road machinery;
  • complex of  standard size mounted hydraulic hammers for manipulators heading machines and working equipment for excavators;
  • recovery technology  of oil and gas equipment inside  wells in areas overhaul and pulse-wave device for its implementation
  • technologies to increase the productivity of oil wells without interrupting the main duty cycle and pulse device for its implementation
  • recovery technology of oil and gas wells and the multiplier devices for its implementation;
  • hydraulic fracturing technology and multipliers and pulsators high energy for its implementation;
  • machines and crane mechanisms  for lift of technological equipment of oil and gas production
  • devices and systems for process control punching vertical shafts in the construction of the metro;
  • CAD executive bodies sinking manipulators and hydraulic hammers for excavators;
  • multiplier pulse energy management systems in hydraulic mining and construction machines

There are  five academic schools at the department working  in the following directions:

  1.  Theory of pulse-wave rock failure. Development, reliability and diagnostics of mining machines (head Shevchuk S.P.).
  2. Contact  interaction of working machines for the construction of underground facilities in the city with the processed environment (head Shevchuk S.P.). Presentation.
  3.  Infrasound vacuum wave systems  with synergy vektor action with intelligent control and their implementation in the oil and gas industry (head Slidenko V.M.).
  4.  Formation Water Treatment by physical fields (head Terentev O.M.)
  5. Investigation of the stability of nonlinear differential equations (head Gorodetsky V.G.).

Research results are published and  protected by the patents, as well as  successfully introduced into production.

The department supports creative relationships with oil and gas companies of Ukraine, Russia and Indonesia, as well as mines and quarries of construction materials, with the companies for the construction of urban underground structures, with design and research institutions. In particular the "UkrNafta", "Ukrgasvidobuvannya" PA "Aleksandriavugillya", "Ukrzahidvugillya", "Pavlohradvuhillia" Konotopskiy factory "Chervony metallist" , Institute Avtomatvuglerudprom, UKRNIIPROEKT, Institute of Automation, Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of superhard materials NAS Ukraine, factory "Bolshevik",PA of S.P. Korolev, Irpynsk plant "Progress", Korchevatskaya industrial complex of wall materials, with the Office of the construction of "Kyivmetrobud", institute "Kievmetroproekt" and others.