Institute of Publishing and Printing

Address: 58, building 8, 1/37, Yangelya Str., Kyiv, 03056.
Telephone: 204-84-25 (full-time education) 204-91-28 (part-time education)
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Institute of Publishing and printing departments  

Faculty of Publishing and Printing was founded in 1959 as subdivision of Ukrainian Printing Institute named after Ivan Fedorov. In 1989, this faculty joined Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 2004, on the base of publishing and printing faculty Institute of Publishing and Printing was established. IPP prepares professionals of full-time and part-time education on ten specializations. IPP consists of six departments, seven subdivisions and three enterprise branches.

Institute trains highly qualified industrial engineers, systems engineers, equipment operators, production management specialists, printed products and print trade industry marketing specialists, editors, graphic artists (designers of publications and packing for publishing and printing and book distributional industries of Ukraine) 

Since 2003 this Institute has its own specialized Board of Studies for Ph.D. degree thesis defense, and since 2006 – thesis defense for Doctor of Engineering for specialties: "machinery", "machinery and printing production processes." PPI organizes international scientific and technical conferences "Typography young" and "Printing technology and technique".