Sports club "Talisman"

Head of the club, the president of the Federation of Ukraine on sports aerobics and fitness Tatiana Pasechnaya
Address: Kyiv,Str. Polevaya, 38/1, sports complex KPI, aerobics hall number 139.
For more information call: 572-94-55; 453-14-76

Fitness club "Talisman" brought KPI, Kiev and Ukraine international recognition thanks to performances of athletes of the club and the introduction of new technologies and aerobic fitness programs! Today, fitness club "Talisman" is a professional base Federation of Ukraine in sports aerobics and fitness. The club has prepared the European champion - Natalia Pasechnaya; European Championship bronze medalist Aliona Pasichnk, Sergei Zika, Yuri Pinchuk. Participants in the global competition in different years were: Natalia Varchenko (Gradusova), Victor Knevets, Natalia Malyukova, Elena Shumskaya, Andrew Lisnichiy, Vitaly Vered, Maxim Buben, Olga Kolesnikova, Vladimir Doroshenko et al.

Fitness club "Talisman" is a large selection of services chosen to the individual characteristics and preferences of each client! The services of the club are as follows:

Aqua aerobics

Swimming, a person develops respiratory and cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, metabolism, exercise muscles, strengthens the nervous system and gets an immense boost of energy!


Aerobics of mixed drums. High intensity. The lesson includes a complicated combination of steps, running and jumping.


Aerobics with step-platform. Step aerobics classes strengthen the muscles of the lower body and abdominals, increase efficiency of the cardiovascular system.


Work on the steppe under Latin American music. It animates, captures and gives a good mood!


INTERVAL TRAINING – this is a complete high-performance training, aimed at burning fat and strengthening the major muscle groups. Recommended for all levels of preparedness.


Fitball aerobics classes provide an opportunity to exercise the vestibular system, the development of motor coordination, and also removes the additional load on the spine. This gentle but effective aerobics is a great way to get in shape!


From flexibility – to strength. This is a training for flexibility, muscle strength and balance. Three in one - hence saving time and maximize the benefits.

Kids Aerobics

Children's fitness is a unique class, combines elements of dance, gymnastics, aerobics, dance lessons, including various styles and trends. Fitness for children develops not only coordination, flexibility, power quality, but also a sense of rhythm, artistry.

Sports aerobics

Sports aerobics is a sport to develop harmoniously all physical qualities (strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and quality of coordination). Athletes present a choreography music composition, competing in teams, mixed doubles and individual categories.

Latino Dance

Hot dances under Latin American music. The combination of plastic and choreography not only lift your spirits, but also improve the physical form.


Classes which include lesson Hi-Lo, Step and Latino Dance.

Individual lessons

Selection of exercises based on individual characteristics.