Professor of machinery and apparatus of chemical and petroleum industries (MACPI) Igor O. Mikulonok, better known among students as deputy rector for scientific and pedagogical (educational direction), the results of the 2005/2006 school year was named best inventor of the University.

In September, the Academic Council of KPI awarded him the honorary title "Honored inventor of KPI".Our correspondent met with him.

- Tell us a little about your inventions.

- Today I have inventors' certificates and of the USSR and ukrainian and Russian patents for almost three hundred inventions and utility models, more than three dozen of them put into production (mostly in JSC "Bolshevik". Kyiv).

The greatest inventions in the field of chemical and general engineering, process equipment and processing of polymers and materials based on them. But the "right" of my inventive activity is not limited by my specialty. I have an invention in all sections of the international patent classification.

A - medical banks, surgical saw, a device for hemosorption, pan;

  • B - various screws, nuts, bolts, wheel;
  • C - methods of wastewater treatment, devices for culturing microorganisms;
  • D - devices for cutting tissue and paper manufacturing;
  • E - sheet material reinforcing element;
  • F - metal cutters, air conditioning;
  • G - a device for testing of products for leaks;
  • H - a device for marking electric cables.

- You said that one of the inventions - the wheel.Tell me more.

- The wheels of heavy vehicles such carrying dozens or even hundreds of tons of cargo, made of solid rubber. While driving wheel is heated, which accelerates aging rubber and reduces the service life of the wheel. I proposed a construction in which the appliance based on heat pipes, heat from the tires effectively allocated to the wheel hub. The same principle - heat via heat pipes used in another invention - a surgical saw.

- What started your invention?

- The first made the invention while working on a degree in the mid 80s of last century.

- And what happened next?

- And then there was work in SKB PA Kiev "Bolshevik." Although after the CPI in 1986 was kept at the department from 1986 to 1991 actually worked in a factory. Department performed work on the development of equipment for processing of polymers. Customer was the plant "Bolshevik" and these six years I have almost all the time was working at the plant, thus gained invaluable experience.

Once eminent metallurgist, a graduate of KPI Academician Ivan Pavlovich Bardin said that "proper education of engineers at the beginning of its activity is not less important than education in higher technical educational institutions. An engineer who came from the Institute should get "heat treatment" in the factory setting. " I completely agree with this, because felt it myself.

Work engineer at the plant requires it to continuous improvement, because the workers see it through (as, incidentally, and students at the University of see through any teacher): There is nothing worse when a young professional, "inflating the cheek," trying to look skilled . Never be ashamed of what you do not know something and has to ask for help, such as a locksmith, turner or apparatchiks.

When dealing with the production, the workers at work, then either you know and know how to do something and gaining authority, or - do not know how and do not wish to learn anything, and you despise. And then no diplomas and titles will help. I am pleased that now those workers with whom I once worked, treat me with respect.

Experience in manufacturing for the inventor - School priceless.

And before the plant was teaching in the CPI and fundamental training that was Professor at the Department Yu.Yu.Lukacha. I want to draw attention to the uniqueness of this training. If, for example, students learn the HTF certain processes, and students MMI - equipment, the graduates of our engineering and chemistry department (formerly the Faculty of Chemical Engineering) must know and equipment, and processes that take place in it. That is to be human encyclopedic knowledge.

Further, the process by which we are engaged, - distillation, drying, extraction, extrusion - used as the chemical and petrochemical, oil refining, food processing, biotechnology and other industries. Therefore, our graduates can work in various fields, not only in the industry.

Incidentally, at the time of graduation in Engineering I already had experience as a loader, transporter, mechanic mechanical assembly work, lathe, milling machine (but not above the third level).

- Thus, for myself, I mark the two components of your invention: fundamental training received in the CPI and experience in vyrobnytstvi.A yet you would call the components of success?

- The big plus was that I started inventions in the USSR because the USSR was pereviryalna system technical solutions. Applications for inventions were very strict examination. And thus studied the experts. Today in Ukraine implemented as pereviryalnu (for inventions) and declarative (utility models) system in which the patent can be almost anything - just correct from a formal point of view to place an order.

Of course, great importance has experience drafting formula and the description. First I helped senior fellow, and he began to properly prepare applications for inventions after they filed more than a dozen.

This art - well make claims, description. When you read descriptions of inventions, it sometimes just wonder who put it mildly, are substandard descriptions. The most striking example that I came across - a patent on one of the soft drink, which says that its production is used artesian water of a certain depth, say 190 m. It should someone use water extracted from a depth of 191 m (which is not worsen the quality of the final product) and patent costs.

- A theory of solving inventive problems you help?

- Yes, but I have this "do not abuse." Often I see a flawed product of a tool shortcomings, see how to improve - and make the invention. This invention is trying to make as simple as possible. But this simplicity does not mean that the value of the invention has reduced the contrary: invent complicated very simple, but simple - difficult. More Skovoroda said: "We are grateful to the Almighty for what He has created this world where everything is simple - true, but still difficult - false."

When I worked at the plant regularly prohlyadav bulletin discoveries and inventions, saw their shortcomings - and made inventions, offering their improvement.

Today, if you wish, time and money can be very easy to get hundreds of patents. But who these patents are needed?

- Did you learn the subtleties of design applications themselves, or even specifically?

- studied. In 1990 he graduated from technical creativity methodology Kiev Institute of technical creativity and patents All-Union Society of Inventors and Innovators (VOIR) and was qualified practitioner VOIR technical creativity.

In the mid-90's leading specialist working (part-time) in one of the most respected firms of patent attorneys of Ukraine. In 1995 he graduated from the Kharkov State Polytechnic University, earning a second degree and a degree of Specialist patent. It has been training at the Russian Research Institute of State Patent Examination Rospatent.

- A pass their experience to students?

- Since the end of 90 years at the Department MAHNV teaching discipline "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property" for the first students enrolled in the educational level master, and then - and Bachelor. Prepared textbook "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property" (published in 2005 third edition) and the guidelines of the discipline.

Almost all of my graduate receiving patents. I have over 40 students contributors.

- What advice would you give to students?

- Let it sounds corny, but I advise you strongly to master future profession. Moreover, there are all conditions: such a fundamental and comprehensive education that can be obtained at the Kiev Polytechnic will not get anywhere else. And yet, according to the same IP Bardeen, try to not only know but understand certain phenomena of nature alone understand them, according to some well-known criteria will enable to identify new unknown facts. We must first seek not knowledge and understanding of the subject, because the difference between knowledge and understanding of the essential: knowledge achieved memory and understanding - understanding.

B. Communicate Mykolayenko